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Importance of etiquette to lead a successful life

IMPORTANCE OF ETIQUETTE To Lead A Successful Life What is Etiquette? > Etiquette is the other word for good manners or a polite behaviour. > It refers to guidelines which control the way how an individual should behave in the society. sImportant/ heeded?? Sets Standard to be polite e > Improves personality Teaches how to interact, behave e and think more > Creates everlasting positive impression 8 Different Types of Etiquette: Social Etiquette 1. 3. Corporate Etiquette Teaches how to behave in the society. Refers how an individual must behave at his work place. Bathroom Etiquette 2. 4 Wedding Etiquette Tells how to use the public restrooms and washrooms It educates every individual as how to behave in a wedding. Meeting Etiquette 5. 1. Eating Etiquette It refers to behaviour code of an individual that must be followed at meetings and discussions at the workplace. It tells how one should behave in public places while eating or dining. Telephone Etiquette 6. 8. Business Etiquette It instructs that we must pay attention to surroundings while talking on phone. It depicts various waysto operate a specific business. Etiquette Advantages: Advantages for Students: Provides strategies and skills to overcome wariness. Offers winning strategies for competitive academic environments. Upgrades interview skills and creates new learning opportunities → Improves social engagement skills. 00000000 Advantages for Professional: Advantages for Individual: Enhances your profile among industry peers. Builds self-confidence and self-esteem. Promotes cross-cultural awareness. Enhances image upgrading skills. Fosters dignity at the workplace. Provides competitive edge for the job-seekers. Provides positive impact on workplace. Promotes cross-cultural awareness. Effects of Etiquette: Good Effects: > In Professional life, it helps you to create a good impression among colleagues. > A proper eating etiquette shows the people that you are polite. * I'M FINISHED" > On following a perfect etiquette, it demonstrates that you respect the people. Bad Effects: > Improper business etiquette can ruin your company and business relationships. > Do not throw your wager(s) at the dealer(s). > Do not fiddle around with the dice before you throw. How to teach Etiquette? Frequently practice proper manners and etiquette at home. For children to become successful in life, they need to have social skills as well as academic skills. Thanks! It is important for the parents to alter the children's speech patterns. Teach the children say 'thankyou' on receiving any compliment. Children must be trained to not intervene when others are speaking. Basic Etiquette Rules: Basic Etiquette Rules for Family members: Respect the personal space of other family members. Don't interrupt anyone during the conversation. Be on time for dinner. Use the words “Please" and "Thank you" frequently. Never text or talk on your cell phone while having a meal. Basic Social Etiquette Rules: Be on time for prior planned dates and get-togethers. : Maintain a proper eye contact when you are in a conversation. If you commit a mistake on social media, own it. Apologize for your mistake and avoid repeating it again. Basic Professional Etiquette Rules: Try to arrive on time. Dress appropriately to suit your office environment. If you must eat at your desk, avoid foods with strong odours. Remove papers from the fax machine and scanner once you are done with the task. Give a firm hand shake to the stranger. Never take credit for the work that others have done. Use your ind oor voice and avoid yelling. Sources: te.htm http://library. effects-business-etiquette.html the origin_of_the_word etiquette .htm ayour /dictionary/english/etiquette Self Help Zone DESIGNED BY A Place For Sel Help, Self Improvement & Personal Growth

Importance of etiquette to lead a successful life

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Etiquette makes people to behave in a polite manner. This info graphic provides information on different types and basic rules of etiquette. It acts as a awesome tool for the people for their bright future.




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