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PART II Hertz Furniture Presents WAAT MAKES AN EFFECTIVE TEACHER Student Influences Intellectual Ability - No doubt, the innate intellectual capacity of the student is a significant determinant of academic success 43 +44=2 44 +145= 285 =299 Attention Span - Some students demonstrate a greater ability to focus for longer periods of time. The age of smartphones and tablets certainly presents a challenge in so far as holding attention is concerned 1244 Pictures Music 8. Security Community Nour phone Mov Maag Calculta Prior knowledge - Some students enter the room having already studied the given subject, allowing for a more in-depth comprehension 212-4 2+2=4 2+2-4 Expectations from Home and Teachers - Students often live up to the expectations set by the influential adults around them. Parents and teachers who set healthy and reasonable expectations can help produce children who are driven to succeed Cultrural background - There may be some indications that certain cultures promote school learning more than others M Socioeconomic Factors - A child who grows up in a home that encounters financial hardship on a daily basis may not have the physical or emotional strength necessary for investing in learning Motivation – Ultimately, students who feel motivated to learn are the ones who attain great success in their learning Self-Perception - A student who lacks self-esteem will struggle to succeed academically due to the negative messages that he or she has already internalized Sources: United Federation of Teachers (UFT) National Education Association (NEA) ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) New York's Regents Task Force on Teacher and Principal Effectiveness Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ( Hertz Furniture The School Furniture Experts 888-520-5856 Regional Offices: Arizona - California - Florida - New York - Pennsylvania - Texas © 2014 Hertz Furniture %3D

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Hertz Furniture is proud to present the What Makes An Effective Teacher? infographic series! Student influences such as attention span, cultural background and socioeconomic factors are just a few of...


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