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How to write a statement of purpose?

HOW TO WRITE A STATEMENT OF PURPOSE? 1 Vocabulary Use action words such as explore, Aa explain, and examine to state the central idea of your research work. Define the purpose and intent by outlining the key ideas in one sentence or paragraph. Focus Highlight the concept or phenomenon that_ forms the base of your research. What is the main idea behind the research? Explore the variables and establish a link between them. Define Explain the central term or phenomenon in simple words that could be understood by a broad audience. What is the type of research question? What is your strategy for data collection and analysis? SCOPE What is the scope of your study? Define the nature of the research participants. Is there a specific age group of people your research is based on? Include the parameters of your study. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WwW.AUTHORASSISTS.COM 2.

How to write a statement of purpose?

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A statement of purpose describes the central topic and objectives of a study. It helps the author communicate the objectives and intent of the study.


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