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How to Write a Sentence

How to Write a SENTENCE Write some words followed by a period. Does the sentence interest you? NO YES Will it serve others? For example, does it.... Clarify a point? Define a concept? Show similarity between dissimilar things? Show dissimilarity between similar things? Make the abstract concrete-or vice versa? Connect neighboring sentences, paragraphs, or sections? State a main message (for a paragraph, section, or article)? Introduce a main message? Support a main message? Walk people through a procedure? Help people make a decision? Express a feeling? Give an example? Advance a story? Inspire people? Wrap up? NO ☆ YES Are words the best medium? Use an image, a video, a kiss, etc. NO YES Is the sentence in the right place? NO Move it. YES Does it need to be a sentence? Use a phrase or a single word. NO YES Edit it: Change words. Define words. Rearrange words. Delete words. Add words. Cite sources. Check facts. Check spelling. Check punctuation. Check grammar. Check style guidelines. Check voice guidelines. Check usage guidelines. Check legal guidelines. Apply everything else you've learned from teachers, from books and articles on writing, and from your own reading experiences. Does it work for your readers? NO YES DONE Want more? Get Word Up! and You Can Say That Again. ©2015 Marcia Riefer Johnston

How to Write a Sentence

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To write a sentence, one worth reading at least, you have to do a few things that most definitions leave out. This flowchart walks you through how to do it. You may never use the term "simple sentence" again.


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