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How Video Games Are Changing Education

HOW VİDEO GAMES ARE CHANGİNG EDUCATİON Schools have found an alternative way to equip children with flexible and adaptive skills by allwing them to learn through playing video games. 1 SKİLLS VİDEO GAMES DEVELOP Communication Skills Problem Solving Skills & Negotiation Judgement, Analysis & Strategic Thinking & Networking İmproved Attention, Vision and Cognition Narrative Skills & Non-linear Thinking Transmedia Patterns Navigation ASYLUM ARKHAM Literacy History - Science Mathematics Geography Creativity - Logic Communication GEOGRAPHY SCIENCE LOGIC LÍTERACY HİSTORY 2 EDUCATİONAL GAMES O Sudoku LittleBigPlanet Story Hour Technology has introduced many fun options to learning, from classic games like Sudoku to complex adventures like Spore. Learn more. Brain Age Tetris Learn Geography Spore Typing of the Dead Food Force Hot Brain Mario's Time Machine Super Brain PLATO Achieve Tease Drawn To Life Smarty Pants Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? O Minesweeper O Quest Atlantis Re-Mission Age of Mythology Chemicus Revolution Zoombinis O Whyville Arden River City M.U.L.E SimCity Return of the İncredible Machine Contraptions Pharaoh Sims O Bloons Maps of the World Oregon Trail Civilization ill REGON TRAI Scrabble O Vocabology Math Bingo O Elevation Chart Basic Math Byki Fotopedia Analogy Education İnkpad Super 7 Rocket Board ROMA Virtual History Fractals Dr Seuss's ABC Band StarWalk Symphony Pro SketchBook Pro O PunkStar O Miss Spell's Class Angry Birds CREATİVITY COMMUNICATION MATHEMATICS FACTS AND STATİSTİCS 3 İT'S NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES There was almost a 50% increase in correct answers to standardized testing by students who learned by playing an educational game, since they were exposed to information repeatedly in their attempts to increase their score. Some believe the negative aspects of video games outweigh any positives. Playing the kill-or- be-killed games can improve peripheral vision and the ability to see objects at dusk. Studies claim that Tetris may help post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms; playing the visually oriented game cuts down on the number of flashbacks, Some teachers worry that games motivate students to achieve defined win states rather than to seek knowledge. Students who played "pro-social" games that promote cooperation were more lkely than others to help out in redl-life situations like intervening when someone is being harassed. Through entertainnment, B these games test your memory skills, hand- eye coordination and ability to detect small movements on the screen and interact with them. GAMES AT THE POLLS Statistics and opinions of UK and US consumers, teachers and students. 70% of the surveyed teachers felt that playing games in the classroom could lead to antisocial behavior. games at least once every two weeks Consumers spent $25.1 billion on video games, consoles and accessories in 2010 59% of teachers would consider using commercial games in the classroom. 30% of students believed that playing games could lead to increased violence and aggression. 72% of American households 62% of students would be regularly. learning me SIode intendo Ds o HOW VİDEO GAMES ARE USED AT SCHOOL games at scha 96 use and attitude teement in performance ROLE-PLAYİNG HİSTORY LEARNİNG THE FUNDAMENTALS At Quest To Learn, a digital school for kids, students learn math, literacy and problem solving skils by playing travel agents in the fictional Creepytown, where they learn to deal with budgets, currencies, economic and civic Oregon Trail pioneered the use of games and role-playing in education. It originally taught students about the 2,000-mile journey the pioneers made to the West Coast from MOST POPULAR EDUCATİONAL GAMES Oregon Trail is the most widely distributed educational game of al time - selling more than 65 million copies. Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing has been the most popular typing program since its inception. Missouri as a board game. issues. Jeopardy has been the staple of American entertainment since its first appearance in the video game world in the '80s. Bridgewater- Raynham Regional High School in The Digital Media Academy in North Vancouver is teaching game design to high school students to help develop skills in the areas of project management, creativity, organization, teamwork and the production process. Sim City's lessons about civics and society have been transferred through countless spinoffs over al gaming platforms. Massachusetts encouraged the use of video games to curb cyber bullying by educating students on computer and cell phone hacking, bullying and their consequences. Math Blaster took learning mathematics to a whole new level, demonstrating better ways to pique a child's interest. DESİGNİNG & DEVELOPİNG SOCİAL İNTERACTİON Carmen Sandiego's red coat and her unique destinations are the "Where's Waldo' of video games. OTHER SKİLLS VİDEO GAMES CAN HELP YOU HONE Hand-Eye Coordnation Reflective Practice Literacy & Language Skills Mathematical Skills Physics & Motion Character Development Multitasking Teamwork Financial Skills Creativity İndependent Learning Information Provided By: ONLINE COLLEGES Sources: I l I I getideas. org I priorg I I I I I --------------------- VİDEO GAMES COMPUTER GAMES APPLE DEVİCES APPS play computer or video games 82% of children play video math on a N showed towards learning.

How Video Games Are Changing Education

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Here is an infographic that illustrates an aspect of gamification in education: Video Games. We like how the infographic highlights various subjects different games employ for their game mechanics. W...


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