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How Technology Can Help Children With Autism Feel More Empowered

How Technology Can Help Children With Autism Feel More Empowered There is a significant problem with autistic children being excluded in the classrooms and recent technology helped Out of 980 parents surveyed children to build on critical skills. Recent technologies have enabled better opportunities and inclusivity for children in all aspects of society, as well as the classroom Use of a device like an ipad can 1 in 5 reported that serve as a reward mechanism for good behaviour. their child was excluded from classroom activities Here is how technology allows for an avenue into mainstream classrooms and helps children with Autism build on critical skills: 1 Improved attention Children with ASD are more attentive and less resistant to computer technology than to teachers, and also show superior learning results. They also tend to be visual learners, and graphics help maintain their attention. Adaptive learning opportunities 2 The customizable aspect of technology allows for individualized educational opportunities for every child with ASD. Difficulty levels can be adjusted according to how the child is progressing. 3 Helps with prosocial behavior A study conductcd with ASD children showcd that the children wcre more cooperative and social with active technological devices, rather than passive toys like Lego. Technology helps children with ASD bridge the gap between them and other children in the classroom. An alternative mode of communication 4 30% of children with Autism are ------ Augmented Communication (AAC) technology serves non-verbal. Alternative as a gateway for the child to express themselves. Prevents overstimulation Autistic individuals are prone to sensory overload, and technology prevents that from happening. Parents and teachers can easily control the settings and environment through technology. Video modelling as an intervention 6. Children mimicking their peers will allow them to improve and build on certain skills such as verbal and emotional. A study demonstrated effective increase of social behaviors amongst 3 boys with Autism through video modelling. Increased motivation Use of a device like an ipad can serve as a reward mechanism for good behaviour. References Bo te, S., Golan, O. Goadwin. M. S. & Zwaigenbaum, L 12010). What con innovative technolagies do fer Autism Spectrum Disardiors? Sage Brede, J., Rcmington. A., Kenny, L., 8 Warren, K 12017). Excludedl from schoot Autistic students coperiences ot school excluzion and subsequent re integration Into school. Sage. Hichardsan, D. [2015). The Usn ar lechnology in Social Skills Iraining for Individuals w th Autism Sacctrum Dsorder. In Use at lechnolagy in Sccial Skills Iraining. University of Jtah. otsimo

How Technology Can Help Children With Autism Feel More Empowered

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Children with special needs tend to have a difficult time in a mainstream clasroom environment, and often feel excluded as a result. Technology and use of mobile devices can provide an avenue for ch...



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