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How to take great notes?

HOW TO TAKE GREAT NOTES Notes taking skills Whether you want to succeed in school or you want to be on top of your professional career, effec- tive note-taking is a valuable skill for retaining, remembering, reciting and recalling information. If you follow these simple steps and tips you will not only learn how to take notes, you'll learn how to take notes that will help you apply knowledge and retain material. COME PREPARED Before you come to a class, lecture, or meeting, make sure to review your notes from the last time round. This will bring you fully up to speed and ready to pick up where you left off. BE AN ACTIVE LISTENER When note-taking, many people make the mistake of mindlessly taking down every word, without really comprehending what is being said. QUESTION, ANSWER, EVIDENCE This is a very effective method of taking notes, as it forces you to engage with the material as you write and allows you to describe the topic in your own words. USE SHORTHAND The average student writes 1/3 word per second, while the average speaker speaks at a rate of 2/3 words per second. Therefore, developing your own system of shorthand writing can help you to write COLOR-CODE YOUR NOTES more efficiently and avoid falling behind. Many people find that adding a splash of color to their notes helps to make the information more readable and easier to retain. TAKE NOTES FROM YOUR TEXTBOOK After a class or lecture, you may want to supplement your notes with information from a textbook. Taking notes from a textbook is another skill worth mastering. Made by REVIEWING YOUR NOTES After taking the best note.. Memorize your Review your notes later in the day Test yourself notes

How to take great notes?

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