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How to Stay Safe While Bull Riding

HOW TO STAY SAFE WHILE BULL RIDING To avoid the full brunt force www of an angry bullI, cowboys and cowgirls have to wear a lot of safety gear to compete in bull riding events. Bull riding is a dangerous sport that involves an angry, 1,600–1,700 pound animal. The impact force of a bull stepping on a rider is 5-10x greater than getting tackled by a professional quarterback, and 50–100x greater than getting hit by a line drive in baseball. For this reason, there are a number of safety precautions involved in the sport. Safety Gear Protective Protective Glove Helmet • A protective glove, usually leather, is worn to prevent rope burn and aide grip. • Helmets are not required in professional bull riding, but they are now becoming more widely used. • The glove must be fastened to the rider, otherwise it can be ripped off by the force of the bull. • However, helmets and hockey-style facemasks are required for competitors under age 18 in some states, such as Техas. • Rosin is often applied to the glove for increased grip. 70% of professional bull riders now wear helmets. • Helmets have been shown to reduce head and facial injuries Bull Riding by 50%. Vest • All bull riders are required to wear a protective bull-riding vest. • The vest is typically composed of high-impact foam that works to disperse the force of a bull attack. Not unlike the high-impact foam used in motorcycle helmets. Cowboy Boots • Vests all protect riders from puncture wounds. • Cowboy boots often feature a steel toe, which helps to protect a rider from breaking a toe if he or she gets stepped on by a bull. • Cowboy boots also help keep the rider from falling off the bull. • Modeled after the vest worn by racehorse jockeys. Proper safety gear is essential for any professional bull rider. Avoid unnecessary injuries, and wear all recommended safety gear! ty-code/title-9-safety/chapter-768-children-participating-in-ro deos met-more-rodeo-riders-wearing/article_feca9c62-0099-5d0c- 99c2-2403d60c7e5c.html WASATCH ACADEMY America's Rodeo High School

How to Stay Safe While Bull Riding

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Given the risks involved, it’s no wonder bull riders from boarding high schools to the professional circuits wear all kinds of protective gear in order to minimize potential injury.


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