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How To Spend Smart

Hom to Spende PneE Smart TIPS FOR A HEALTHY FINANCIAL FUTURE Spending money is easy-but spending smart can be much trickier. Managing your money requires a combination of motivation, information and will power. But if you put forth the effort to spend smart, you'll be able to make your money work better for you.' Use smart tools The right card will help you track transactions, allowing you to make spending adjustments based on historical tracking of how you spend your money. TIP: LOOK FOR FEATURES LIKE REAL-TIME Use a prepaid card to help manage your daily spending. TEXT ALERTS SHOWING PURCHASES AND REMAINING BALANCE. Control yourself Once you set your spending limit, deposit your monthly living expense money onto a prepaid card and use this as your primary spending and payment vehicle. Using a prepaid card can help you avoid relying on credit cards and spending beyond your means: The average American has $2,200 in credit card debt.? This way, you can keep your spending history in one convenient place. Stay in the know STOP It's not enough to check your balance once in a while - you should always know the status of your account Uninformed spending will quickly deplete your available funds, potentially leaving you in a difficult bind down the road. Change it up Need gas money for a long road trip? Look through your transactions to see where you can cut back in another area of your everyday spending. Do you really need two cappuccino refills a day? If every cappuccino costs you $3, cutting out one per day SAVES YOU $1,095 over the course of a year. How about packing a lunch rather than buying it? Lowering your daily expenses can also help you save up for when you need it most: 28% of Americans have no savings cushion for emergencies. Shop thoughtfully When you shop based on emotion, you're more prone to making poor spending decisions you will regret later. Don't go shopping when you're feeling bored, upset or emotional. Take your time SMTW TFS SALE Wait a week before buying anything over $100. Even if the item is technically within your budget, step back, let the shopping rush wear off and give yourself a chance to comparison shop. Comparison shop %24 SALE Prices can vary considerably between stores and online retailers: A little research can help you save a lot. Be sure to note any shipping costs, as these can offset the savings you were hoping for. Frugal can still be fun There are ways to socialize that are more affordable than a dinner out. The average American spends $537 PER MONTH ON FOOD, and nearly 42% OF THAT GOES TO RESTAURANT MEALS and non-grocery items.* Consider going out for coffee instead of a meal, making your friends a home- cooked meal or putting together a game or movie night. It's financial literacy month! GET YOUR FREE COPY OF THE EBOOK “GUIDE TO SPENDING SMARTER" Wondering how can you stay on top of your daily spending and ensure you never overspend? Sign up today for a free trial" of the SpendSmartTM Prepaid MasterCarde", which can text*** your purchase info every time you spend, helps you identify important spending trends and much, much more. For more info, visit %24 SpendSmart. Sources: 1.How to Spend Smart" SpendSmart, 2014. 2. 3. 4. "All fees assessed to your Funding Source (i.e. Payment Plan Fee, Load Fees) will be waived during the free trial period which ends 37 days after card order. All ATM related activity fees will be reimbursed to your SpendSmart Card account at the end of the trial period. Fees imposed by 3rd party ATM operators or retail reload providers may apply based on usage. In order to avoid being charged any SpendSmart fees, you must cancel your card during the free trial period by calling customer service or by logging into your account on "The SpendSmart™ Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Republic Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard" is a registered trademark of MasterCard" International Incorporated. The SpendSmartM Prepaid MasterCard" cannot be used at merchants deemed inappropriate for teens, such as liquor stores, online gambling, etc. Go to for more information. *** Message and data rates may apply from your wireless carrier. :(

How To Spend Smart

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Spending money is easy - but spending smart can be much trickier. Managing your money requires a combination of motivation, information and will power.






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