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How to Solve it

HOW TO SOLVE IT то Courtesy of the Great G. Polya LIFE HACK SERIES Solving problems is one of the most important skills to have. In 1945, George Polya, a prominent Hungarian mathematician, outline a systematic way to attack any problem, from mathematics to product development and life, in general. { } QoO SOLVING A PROBLEM IS A PROCESS UNDERSTAND EXECUTE LOOK BACK PLAN BY BEING SYSTEMATIC + ORGANIZED, ANYONE CAN BE GOOD AT IT. 1. 2. 3. 4. UNDERSTAND THE PROBLEM UNKNOWN – What you are solving for. Example: inscribing a square inside a triangle, curing AIDS, clean water for everyone in the world. Draw a What is the UNKNOWN? DATA – The facts or information. PRINCIPLE Example: triangle, virus type, geohydrological data. PARTS OF A PROBLEM Make a list of the Write down the DATA. CONDITIONS. CONDITIONS - The circumstances or situation. Example: 4 corners of square touching triangle edges, disease state, climate and infrastructure. Use SYMBOLS Once identified, write them down on a piece of paper. DEVISE A PLAN FY-19 Advanced Variable Fighter OBJECTIVE Find a connection between unknown + data 1. Think about a similar problem that you've solved in the past. 2. Think about a related problem that has been solved. 3. Relax or get rid of some of the conditions. Simplify the problem and solve this simple version first. 000 4. Modify the data or conditions in order to bring the data and unknown closer together. 5. Restate the problem in as many ways as possible. If you can restate it, you most likely understand it. MAX SPEED: 40.58 Machs WEIGHT: 19,700 Kg LENGTH: 16 m WING SPAN: 14 m. RANGE: 8,000 Km EXECUTE THE PLAN CARRY OUT YOUR PLAN STEP One step at a time, carry out your plan. СНЕCK STEP STEP • Ask yourself "Does each step makes sense?" СНЕCK STEP THERE COULD BE MANY STEPS LAST STEP СНЕCK STEP. Prove to yourself that each step is correct. TAKE A LOOK BACK REVIEW YOUR SOLUTION + WORK This is the most important step of solving a problem and it is often skipped. This step gives you the opportunity to learn from your work and improve on it. Be sure your work makes sense. O Try to think of another way to solve the problem. See if your solution + approach can be used to solve another problem. How TO SOLVE IT A Systematic Approach to Problem Solving Demonstranda, Inc. Infographic by Corey Katouli ¿SNOILIC PICTURE satisfy the NDITIONS

How to Solve it

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Problem solving is one of the most important skill to have. This infographic is based on a book written by the great mathematician, George Polya, who identified four important steps in solving any ...



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