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How to Solve Common #StudentProbs

HOW TO SOLVE COMMON #STUDENTPROBS Procrastination [proh-kras-tuh-ney-shuh] n. Feeling a lack of motivation to get work done immediately Attend all of your classes and always be punctual Get your work done before all other activities Find a study partner and keep each other motivated Concentration [kon-suh n-trey-shuh] n. Being in the right state of mind to work productively Go to bed early & get 6-8 hours of sleep each night Break up your workload to avoid feeling overwhelmed Eat healthy meals and drink a lot of water Budgeting [buhj-it-ing] v. Creating an effective, easy-to-follow financial plan Take advantage of student discounts Borrow library books instead of buying new ones Use a budgeting app to keep track of your spending Organization [owr-guh-nuh-zey-shuh] n. Systematically coordinating tasks & materials to reach a goal Color-code your books and binders by subject Neatly re-write or type up your class notes at home Keep track of your materials, so nothing gets lost Time Management [tīm manijment] n. Having control over the amount of time spent on projects Use an agenda to organize your time Be sure important items are on top of your to-do list Give yourself ample time to complete all of your tasks f in 8 You HERZING COL L EGE

How to Solve Common #StudentProbs

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Whether your dream is to pursue healthcare training, or take some business management courses to beef up your resume, chances are you could use a little support along the way. We’ve put together thi...


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