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How To Save Money While Studying Abroad

HOW TO SAVE MONEY WHILE STUDYING ABROAD DID YOU KNOW? A New York student spent 8 months sleeping in a library as he could not afford campus housing. He said he washed in the library's bathroom and took showers at friends' apartments. ELECTRICITY BILLS $++ LIBRARY MUTE Spend most of your time in the library to save on your house- hold bills. Charge your laptop and use the internet in the library. Tips: Make sure to leave from time to time. Otherwise, you'll lose your voice from always having to keep quiet and will become the 'crazy library guy'. DID YOU KNOW? Birds of a feather flock together.. Researchers have found the consequence of choosing your eating mates! Eat with thinner peers to lose your weight and vice versa. FOOD COSTS Save money on food by cooking together with friends. Tips: Make sure you don't stick to the same group of people all the time. WATER BILLS 1 MINUTE X 1 MONTH = 150 GALLONS BEFORE AFTER DID YOU KNOW? ©=$ Shorten your shower by a minute or two and you'll save up to 150 gallons per month. Shorten your showers. Tips: Shampoo residue can lead to hair loss. Make sure you still have time to wash it all out. 1 YEAR O $1,300+ DID YOU KNOW? On average, people spend more than $1,300 a year for phone services. PHONE BILLS Borrow your friend's phone to make phone calls. Tips: Be sure not to borrow the same friend's phone too often as they might start to get annoyed. WORKING PART TIME = £2,000 DID YOU KNOW? $+++ Students spend on average £2,000 a year on feeding. Work in a restaurant to save money on food and earn cash at the same time. Tips: Be sure to eat at places where you do not work as you may start to get sick is on the menu. f what DID YOU KNOW? According to a research, we waste more than £445 a year on impulse buys and last minute stop-offs at the convenience store. When it comes to entertainment, we waste over £335 a year by simply not seeking for discounts and offers. DISCOUNTS $+++ Grab good deals and discounts. Tips: Not every deal is a bargain. Resist tempation and only buy what you need. SECOND HAND STUFF DID YOU KNOW? 1.2m tonnes of UK shoes and clothes thrown away each year. Buy/sell second hand stuff. Tips: Always check the condition of a product before purchasing, you don't want to end up with something that is faulty or needs repairs. DID YOU KNOW? SCHOLARSHIPS Some universities offer cash awards for students with all A stars (Dean's Honor Roll list), this is a great way to keep your academic notes high and earn some cash. MATHS A+ SCIENCE A %3D HISTORY A ENGLISH A Get a scholarship by getting "A" for all courses. Tips: Get the balance of work and play right. Study hard, but keep an active social life. Infographic by: SOURCES: wwW.USATODAY.COM/NEWS/EDUCATION/2004-04-27-NYU-STUDENT _ X.HTML wwW.REUTERS.COM/ARTICLE/2009/08/19/US-OVERWEIGHT-FRIENDS-IDUSTRE57I52320090819 wwW.NEWSWEEK.COM/2009/08/23/ARE-FAT-FRIENDS-BAD-FOR-EACH-OTHER.HTML wwW.MY-HEALTH-SOFTWARE.COM/VIEW/ITEMS/EATING-TOGETHER.HTML wwW.LOVEMONEY.COM/NEWS/MONEY-SAVING-TIPS-BARGAINS-AND-FREEBIES/SHOPPING/10438/NINE-THINGS-YOU-SHOULD-NEVER-BUY-LAST-MINUTE www.OXFAM.ORG.UK/APPLICATIONS/BLOGS/PRESSOFFICE/2012/01/31/RE-FASHION-12M-TONNES-OF-UK-SHOES-AND-CLOTHES-THROWN-AWAY-EACH-YEAR/?V=NEWSBLOG wwW.SMARTMONEY.COM/SPEND/FAMILY-MONEY/9-WAYS-TO-SLASH-YOUR-PHONE-BILLS/ wwW.UKSTUDENTLIFE.COM/PREPARE/COST.HTML %24

How To Save Money While Studying Abroad

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Studying abroad can be one of the most exciting experience of your life however it can be quite costly. This infographic shares advice and tips in a fun way for saving money while studying abroad.


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