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How Much is Student Loan Debt Costing You?

HOW MUCH IS STUDENT LOAN DEBT COSTING YOU? Students are borrowing money at record amounts in order to attend college. At the same time, colleges are raising tuition at record rates. Student loan debt is not only expensive, but there is NO WAY to escape it. How much ie student loan debt costing you? %24 $2,963 Public 2 Year $8,244 Public 4 Year In-State $12,526 2011 Public 4 Year Out-Of-State COLLEGE TUITION HAS RISEN 900% SINCE 1978 $28,500 Private 4 Year 2/3 OF STUDENTS GRADUATE WITH STUDENT LOAN DEBT $792.5 BILLION $940 CREDIT CARD DEBT BILLION STUDENT LOAN DEBT $14,550 INTEREST $23,118 student loan with $200 monthly payments wilI be paid off after 15 years and $14,550 in interest. $23,118 PRINCIPAL With the amount paid in interest, you can fly to China and back 6 times! $13,289 ABSOCIATES 023,118 BACHELORS $40,208 MASTERS $58,967 DOCTORAL $98,771 PROFESSIONAL 39% $22.75 2000 $19.38 2000 $21.77 $18.43 OF STUDENTS SAID THEY EARNED A LOT LESS THAN THEY EXPECTED AFTER COLLEGE 2010 AVERAGE WAGE 2010 AVERAGE WAGE 9.0% 4.4% NATIONAL UNEMPLOYMENT UNEMPLOYMENT AVERAGE OF 4.5 UNEMPLOYED RATE WITH WORKERS PER JOB OPENING RATE BACHELORS 56% OF STUDENTS BELIEVE IT WILL BE 53% OF STUDENTS BELIEVE IT WILL HARDER TO BUY A HOUSE THAN IT WAS BE HARDER TO SAVE FOR RETIREMENT FOR THEIR PARENTS THAN IT WAS FOR THEIR PARENTS OF THE CLASS OF 2011, 85% OF GRADUATES WILL MOVE HOME DUE TO LACK OF JOBS 8.8% of 16% of 3.4% of studente in Montana students students in the U.S. default on ATIONAL in Arizona default on their loano default on DEFAULT RATE AT THE MATIONAL DEFAULT RATE $82,720,000,000 their loans HIGEST RATE DEFAULT LOWEST DEFAULT their loans OF LOANS WILL GO INTO DEFAULT WITH THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU COULD PURCHASE DiSNEy - M OR . IF YOU DEFAULT ON YOUR STUDENT LOAN, PENALTIES CAN INCLUDE GARNISHED WAGES AND GOVERNMENT CHECKS GARNISHED REVOKING OF PROFESSIOHAL LICENSES TAX REFUND CHECKS edscatines.comticles2011050Rising Taton-Sheorcoans Eveationooeesotoeget Mnn.coleetoardcomeccp dup4MAN Monyoes cov0110412dysatov12colege re k .credtcrds.covtreat cardnewsfederalreserve-g19.consaneroreat jay 2011-1276 ke ad orgoens psecicanonen_colege_grads_ong gron_owage www.apoo conpatP Wecore rouh y fooise oey and young oo Textbooks Easy. Fast. Cheap! k 2ed gowoicesoSFAPetnanagenent00staterates pa McDones kooo is a ed ederu of MeDoste Ororedon AVERAGE STUDENT LOAN DEBT AVERAGE YEARLY TUITION COST %24 RATE

How Much is Student Loan Debt Costing You?

shared by elovejoy on Nov 29
This infographic shows student loan debt in America and how it is growing. It explains how wages are dropping and unemployment is rising while students are taking on record amounts of debt.


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