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How to master predicates

Ge net G GGramm Geamernet HOW TO MASTER A predicate is the part of a sentence that is not the subject. Though this sounds simple, Gramm PREDICATES Geram Gramr there are types, techniques and rules for predicates. Gramt What is a Predicate? Grammar Geammar.n subject Sentence Gram Gomraa This can become as complex as the writer desires, including as much information as he feels Bob predicate net Gram OGrom Ate rammane the reader needs (and more). -Simple and Complete predicates - Gom Simple Bob ate GGram Go ammanat Complete Bob's appetite frightened his Gem net G Gram waiter One verb is used, and it is free of modifiers. Getemme net- GGramr "Bob's appetite" is the sub- What is a Predicate Adjective? ject, and the complete predi- cate is everything else. Germns The pizza smelled delicious. het Gom Garamm Predicate adjectives modify the subject and are connected to it with a linking verb subject (turn, feel, stay, is, become, were and be ). Gemen verb adjective GGrarnet What is a Compound Predicate? et Goarmarn Geramm mmare DE predicate Gramun "Bob ate some pizza and drank a soda, and then he raided the desserts." 2. predicate Geamm What is a Predicate Complement? 3 predicate Gomar Ge .net- Geamma Word 3 GO hmar.n Gramma GGra Group of words Genmwat Granma Ganet- Geramme When a predicate seems incomplete with just the verb, a complement is OGrammart Gam Gamma Predicate Complements Geonarnet Bob was starving. GC Gramm Gram Goomer Geramm Gramat needed. Gommnet Gearmmane Ge ret This object complement completes the - sentence by telling what was poured. The predicate adjective "starving" describes Bob. Geamme GGrammar GG The waiter poured The pizza was Gemmar some soda. on the table. Genmarnt GGramirern G What is Predicate Neminative?-- Genmanet GGannanetG Prepositional phrase Gemmar GGra Geammanet GGram subject GGrammarnet GGramma.n can be double-checked by replacing the linking verb with the word "equals" Geniny Gmmar predicate nominative Phil is the waiter. the subject is completed through the verb Gra tells what Bob was the hungriest person in town Only one person is the subject is et GGranmrn GGamm Geommarnet GGomar. "The steaks O thawed." Gras nanat GGrannat thawed Grampar.nat do not need "hungriest." GGann helpers to complete a predicate English is famous (or infamous) for words that do double-duty. Geemmar.r GGramimaret Goonmane Gra ©2013 "Myrtle thawed the steaks." All rights reserved Graina Camornat Go Grars Ge Follow Us on Twitter Gem Ge @grammarnet Gram Gramm Grammanet rammane Gremmar net G Goma Goomaiae Ge ammarnet ammaret Geam mmaret het GGm Gramt Cm Grammar marnet Gramm rnet Go marnatn GGrammer n Grammarna Gmenet Grammmarnet Geranmn Genaet mmarnet ammanet net G Goammenet ammanet net ammane net rammae

How to master predicates

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A predicate is the part of a sentence that is not the subject. Though this sounds simple, there are types, techniques and rules for predicates. Along with the infographic, the following should shed so...






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