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How to Make a Perfect Study Plan

How to Make Perfect Study Plan A good study plan is important to crack any exam. It helps you to plan study time, classes, and other things like social life, eating, Set Your Study List Down Goals Important Things Having a goal is essential to succeed in any exam. with a goal in mind, you will get Before making the plan, list down all the things which needed to be done much-needed motivation every day to study hard and get succeed. So write down your goal on a paper and dedicate the number of like - eating, exercise, break-time and subjects to study. by listing down things, you will be able to allocate time and leisure habits. hours to achieve that goal. accordingly. Prioritize The Tasks After making the list, find out which subject needs more work & time and which subject is easier for you. Create a checklist, write down each topic and highlight weak topics by a rating method. ... .... Develop & Plan Your Schedule Stick to The Plan Analyze Learning Habits and Style Is studying for long hours works better for you? or studying in small blocks of time is most effective for After listing down important tasks, understanding and analyzing the time you need for your study for exams. Now make your It is the most important step for students which most of them couldn't your preparation?. Is studying at a certain time of day is more productive? follow. if you have created a study plan, you must follow it at any schedule with a cost. You need to ask these commitment to be questions to yourself to find out your learning style and make better study habits. Procrastinating will not help and it will definitely not create any value in your studies. dedicated to it. Plan your timetable to give enough time to each subject on a particular day of the week. Remove Take Regular Study shows that % of Students Distractions Breaks 70 Taking breaks is important because your brain can only take so much at a time. After a Distractions can not only hamper your study but will also keep you away from achieving your goals. Scouring through social media platforms, tv and movies can be tempting but resisting them will help you to focus more on your study and preparation. categorized themselves as procratinators and this is big problem. time your concentration will begain to wane. Use Pomodoro technique while studying. Take 10- 15 minutes of break after 1 hour of study. and use this break time to walk, meditation or connect with family. How to Stay on Track 1. Find a good location to study in peace. 2. Don't make an unrealistic study plan. try to create a schedule, you can follow easily but it shouldn't have less time for study and more for games, sleep, and other things. 3. Study subjects at the time you set for them. 4. Make short notes for each of the formulas and concepts. 5. Don't just write "study chemistry" in the timetable at certain hours instead write "learn 10 equations today from organic chemistry". This way you know what you will learn. 6. Try to solve previous year papers of the exam to understand the pattern. 7. Take online mock tests regularly to analyze your performance and preparation level. Source |

How to Make a Perfect Study Plan

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Every exam needs to have well-planned preparation which means that creating a study plan or timetable. It will help you with time management strategy during preparing for competitive exams and crack i...



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