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How To Make Homework Fun for Kids

How to Make Homework Fun for Kids Participate in Homework Time Children whose parents play an active role in. their kid's homework/school work do much better in terms of grades. Children achieve better tests. and overall academics. Watch Movies or Documentaries Many subjects like history and social studies have film/documentaries which have been written about the subject at hand. YouTube is another source of information that you can watch. with your child on various subject matter. Play Games. Create flash card games to learn vocabulary or mathematics. Play educational games online. Hold Contests Kids are competitive. Try holding a study group where you can create contests. Create a homemade Jeopardy game or a Lvariation of a baseball game. Offer Incentives It has to be something that the child would want to work toward. It doesn't have to be big or cost a lot. Reading Should be an Adventure o It is an important part of developing early learning skills. Read together or ask your child to read to you. Ask questions throughout chapters/books to engage your child in the material. Incorporate Music with Games and Songs This is effective if. child is activity-oriented. Get Rid of Distractions Turn off cell phones, television, computer, PSPS and MP3 players Hide items that will compete with the attention of your child Routine Find a homework routine that would work best for your child Stick to the routine - make it a habit. Breaks The brain learns and remembers information best when covered at the beginning and end of a study period. Use breaks as a reward for completion of goals. Breaks only need to be a few minutes long Revitalize for your next study period. Examples of a good break include: Soothing Drink Light snack Brief physical exercise Breathing some fresh air from outside hetpulwwwheathguidence.orglentry146Mking Homeworkfun forodsmd forkids tigpstips for parents aipsforids06yeanmaking homework fun-foryour kidu ENationalPositions Fetitale tatert eting ONE TWO THREE FOUR SEVEN FIVE EIGHT NINE TEN

How To Make Homework Fun for Kids

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For most kids, returning to school is both a fun and exciting opportunity to learn, make new friends, and experience new things. For some, returning to school means struggling with homework. This can ...


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