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How Learning Works

WHY CAN'T WE LEARN MATH THE WAY WE LEARN TO DRIVE A CAR? Message by Tabtor IT'S ALL ABOUT THE POINT OF LEARNING Teaching Focused on the Point of Learning versus Traditional Teaching Student Teacher 3.TEST DAY A tester makes sure you know how to signal correctly, make a 3 point turn, and parallel park before you are given a drivers licence 2.0BSERVATION & CRITICAL FEEDBACK 1.SHOWING You watch an expert behind the wheel who shows you how to drive They observe you behind the wheel and provide critical feedback at the Point of Learning 1.SHOWING You watch an expert behind the wheel who shows you how to drive 3.TEST DAY You are given the keys and told to meet the tester at their house. If you arrive on time, you get your license! Makes no sense! 2.HOMEWORK You practice on your own with minimal feedback Traditional teaching does not guarantee that our students get the math skills they need to get ahead ..and in math the stakes are EVEN higher. It it estimated that a boost in American math scores to reach the level of Canadian students would cause an increase in America's GDP of Achieve higher levels of education S77 trillion Children who excel in math Pilots & surgeons learn skills through one-on-one feedback at the Point of Learning. To make sure planes stay in the sky and com- plicated surgeries go off without a hitch. The stakes are high in elementary school. 20% over the next 80 Are twice as likely to find employment as adults years or a 20% increase on every paycheck, every year Earn more money throughout their lives As it is, more than half of the nation's students are falling behind in math.and it's not for lack of resources 41% ti 1i 34% 35 36 31 $7,743 $809.6bn 24 spent per child spent per year 2003 2006 2009 2012 Only 41% of 4th graders and 34% of 8th graders in the US scored 'proficient' or better in mathematics in 2013 We spend more money on education per school-aged child than any other country in the worl... by a lot Yet, the U.S. has been consistently performing poorly in mathematics since 2003 indicating that current teaching methods are not working Something doesn't add up.the answer is АвсDр 10 000 ABCD 20000 ABCD 30000 10 0 00 ABCD вообе ABCD 90000 ABCD ABCD Авс 50000 600 Throw out traditional metrics Focus on observation and feedback All we need are the right tools - technology that can give teachers an additional set of eyes for every student Go back to basics at the Point of Learning To join the movement to make learning personal again - visit wmjen

How Learning Works

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Everyone learns a lot during their lifetime. We all do quite well with learning to ride a bike, drive a car, deposit a check and many other things. So how come two-thirds of our students still fail ...




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