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How to Hack Your Way Through College

HÁCKING YOUR WAY THROUGH COLLEGE A Simple Guide To Survival LEARN WHERE THE FREE FOOD IS In college, free food is a life force During the first few weeks of the year, the free food opportunities are virtually limitless Freshman welcome events Club recruitment events Student government activities Ask your upperclassmen friends about the best campus events for free food Make sure to check your email and bulletin boards for event announcements CC 20 by @ kretyen Learn how to study RELEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A STUDENT For many people, public school studying is completely different from college studying Learn the content Learn how to take notes Taking good notes during lectures will cut down on the amount of time you have to devote to studying from the book Color-coding your notes will stimulate your visual memory and make it easier to recall facts CC 2.0 by @ English106 ASK ABOUT STUDENT DISCOUNTS Many stores give discounts to students, but may not openly advertise it THE BAGEL STORE 754 > The Apple Store: up to $200 off a new Mac Amazon: free 2-day shipping and a discount on Amazon Prime Qdoba: $5 student burrito meals > Kroger: possible 5% discount •Greyhound: Save 20% on bus fare Amtrack: Save 15% on rail fare CC 20 by e aturkus BUILD UP YOUR GPA AT THE Most students take easier BEGINNING OF COLLEGE classes in their first year or two of college V This includes general education courses and introductory courses within a major By taking these easy courses early, you can build up your GPA so that it's harder to drag it down if you fail one later CC 2.0 by @ mufet Luckily, a coffee maker works great for cooking LEARN HOW TO COOK UNCONVENTIONALLY EAU de . FINE Noodles Hot dogs Oatmeal Fondue Steamed vegetables Bonus: Use the coffee burner to make a grilled cheese sandwich CC 2.0 by @ Robert S. Donovan ENGAGE WITH YOUR MAJOR Talk to your professors Building a relationship with professors in your department will make life easier later on If you are going to take them for multiple classes, having an established relationship will make it easier to talk to them if you have any problems Raechel. Professors who know you are more likely to write good letters of recommendation for you delang CC 2.0 by @ Sbeez FIND A GOOD BATHROOM There are few things worse than waiting in line to use the bathroom with only a few minutes to get to your next class Scout out bathrooms between your classes and figure out when they're empty so you can take care of business CC 2.0 by @ Sean MacEntee Sources: DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

How to Hack Your Way Through College

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It's a jungle out there. Even before you join the workforce, you need to know what you're doing on the college scene. Otherwise, you'll take years more to graduate and thousand of dollars in debt. ...


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