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How English Language Has Changed Over The Years

CHANGING :() ENƏLIZH ONE THUMB AT A TIME DEAD LANGUAGES THAT'S WHAT SHE SAITHE ENGLISH 101 Because English changes so much, speakers of 1300 AD would not have understood an English speaker from 500 AD or the English we speak today. R.L.P. R.L.P. Languages that don't change over time are dead languages. The fact that English has changed so much shows that it is alive and well. R.I.P. СОРТIЮ LATIN PICTISH A HISTORY OF CHANGE 400 AD 600 AD 800 AD 1000 AD 1200 AD 1400 AD 1600 AD 1800 AD 2000 AD ANGLO-SAXONS GO TO BRITAIN LATIN FRENCH WILLIAM CAXTON THE AGE OF TECHNOLOGY REASON воом OLD ENGLISH MIDDLE ENGLISH EARLY MODERN ENGLISH MODERN ENGLISH The first known written English sentance, "This she-wolf is a reward to my kinsman," was found on a coin, dated to about 450 AD GEOFFREY CHAUCER WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE ENTERTAINMENT, INTERNET AND AMERICAN SCANDINAVIAN ENGLISH CELL PHONES DUDE CONTRIBUTIONS THIS WORD HAS CHANGED A LOT OF AMERICANS, TO MODERN ENGLISH 1880 1900-1950 1950 1980+ 1920 1980 Gag me with a spoon The cat's pajamas 1930 1990 Skivvies Homeboy It then became a term of address to mark familiarity. It could refer to a man show excitement. or a woman. It became part of teenage vocabu- lary and a way to It originally described a man who went Then in the Ameri- can West, it took on the new connotation slightly overboard with his fancy for fashion. 1950 2000 of a city dweller visiting a ranch. Big brother Sweet TEXTISE THE AVERAGE TEEN SENDS To accommodate technology, people have devised abbreviated versions of words to be 3,339 able to communicate more quickly. KNOW WHAT YOU TEXT TEXTS PER MONTH AND IN 2010 1 in 7 2MORO LOL Laughing Out Loud OIC Oh, I See 6.1 TRILLION Tomorrow WERE SENT WORLDWIDE REPORT BEING DUMPED THROUGH 2NITE THX TMI A TEXT MESSAGE. Tonight Thanks Too Much Information BRB TTYL BFF DEVICES The tools used to communicate effect the words we choose to use Be Right Back Talk To You Later Best Friends Forever while communicating. GR8 L8R МНOТY OWNED BY 8 to 18 YEAR-OLDS GREAT LATER MY HAT'S OFF TO YOU 2004 2009 NIMBY STBY ХОхо NOT IN MY BACK YARD SUCKS TO BE YOU HUGS AND KISSES 39% 66% CODEX The following symbols are a small selection of what people have come up with to communicate emotion through a digital medium. These are an alternative to conventional language. OWN CELL PHONES OWN CELL PHONES EXPRESS YOUR EMOTIONS DIGITALLY :) :)~ :P Sticking out tongue Smiley Drooling Crying <3 :0 Love Surprise );: :( :{) Smiley with mustache ;) Frown Wink 12% 29% ^5 () Rock On High Flve Hug OWN LAPTOPS OWN LAPTOPS :& Fail Face :3 Coyness >.< Frustration EVOLUTION TECHNOLOGY When the first mobile phone was invented, it lacked in the mobility department. As the phone shrunk in size, it became more portable and thumb friendly. People are doing less talking and more texting. OF THE MOBILE PHONE 1956 1984 1989 1997 2002 2002 2007 EINT SRA/Ericsson MTA Pros: Allowed for mobile communication Cons: 88 Ibs is a heavy mobile phone Sanyo: Featuring a camera, users could communi- MicroTAC Nokia 9000i Nokia Mobira Pros: Talk for hours on end Cons: Still kind of clunky BlackBerry -5300 Apple iPho Portable and light Communicator weight this phone was easy enough to slide in a purse ideal for texting, or pocket More functional Touch screen The Slide out keyboard was keyboard and internet access, truly an Instant Messaging interface that serves as a cate with pictures and text hub for mobile communication featured limited internet access machine SOURCES php IDUSL1323642420071214 | INFOGRAPHIC BROUGHT TO YOU BY MASTER-DEGREE-ONLINE.COM CREATED BY OBIZMEDIA.COM

How English Language Has Changed Over The Years

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Languages that don’t change over time are considered dead languages. The fact that English changes so much, shows that it is alive and well. Because English has changed over time, speakers of 1500 A...


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