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How Do Employers View Online Degrees?

HOW DO EMPLOYERS VIEW ONLINE DEGREES? ONLINE DEGREES TRADITIONAL DEGREES Employers View Online Degrees and Traditional Degrees Equally When online degrees meet three vital criteria, they are viewed as equal to traditional degrees by employers and recruiting professionals. Accreditation must be regional. U.S. News & world Report CERTIFIED [USNWR] will only include regionally accredited programs in their annual list of Best Online Bachelor's ONLINE DEGREE and Master's Degree Programs. EMPLOYER Out of the executives who believe online degrees are equivalent to traditional degrees, ALL say that accreditation is a major factor that makes online Degree TRADITIONAL DEGREE CERTIFIE Traditional CRITERIA 1 Accreditation degrees more credible. [Zogby International Survey and] ACCREDITATION Online Out of the top 10 online bachelor's programs in the U.S., ALL have a traditional campus. [USNWR] 76% of academic leaders believe online i76% degrees are equal to traditional degrees ONLINE DEGREE BUT... EMPLOYER TRADITIONAL DEGREE If the college has a traditional campus, 89% this rises to 89%. CRITERIA 2 If the college is online only, this falls to 70%. !70% TRADITIONAL CAMPUS [Sloan Consortium Study] When hiring managers evaluate education credentials, favorability of online degrees increased with brick and mortar universities: HR directors and CEOS believe degrees have more value if they come from institutions that also have campus-based programs than from institutions that are online only. [Zogby International Survey and] : FAVORABILITY : If it is an online only university: =42% If it is a brick and mortar university offering online 2 92% learning: Majority of hiring managers say that online degrees are more accepted from an established traditional college than an internet-only university.[] Brick-and-mortar universities often make no separation between their programs and the type of degree awarded. [Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)] 3 HR directors and CEOS value online degrees from "well-known" colleges more than those from lesser known institutions. [Zogby International Survey and] "A lot of hiring decisions are made based on name recognition and reputation." [Margaret Fiester, SHRM's operations manager - Time Magazine] Out of the top 5 online bachelor's programs, ALL FIVE had a traditional campus that had been established for 107 years or more. [USNWR] ONLINE TRADITIONAL 0000 DEGREE DEGREE EMPLOYER 107+ YEARS When hiring managers were asked what factors give value to an online MBA, the majority listed school recognition as a top factor. [Online Journal of Distance CRITERIA 3 ESTABLISHED BRAND Learning Administration] 3 ACCREDITATION TRADITIONAL CAMPUS ESTABLISHED BRAND "Online students can be better retained, experience greater course satisfaction, and learn more in less time with greater ease and confidence when an online course is linked to an Academic Support System and is designed with activities and "All 20 of the employers interviewed said it did not matter to them whether a job candidate had earned his or her online MBA from a for-profit educational institution or a not-for-profit school, as long as the degree program was properly accredited." Online Journal of Distance information that assist them to become a collegial group and learn more effectively and efficiently." Christ, F.L. - "Achieving student retention, satisfaction, and success through online pedagogy." A presentation at TechEd Long Beach Learning Administration "Mercy Health, which employs about 10,000 in the St. Louis region, said it does not differentiate between candidates with degrees from online programs and ONLINE TRADITIONAL DEGREE DEGREE EMPLOYER "Almost all types and sizes of institutions show a steady increase in the importance of online education in their long-term strategy." Sloan Consortium Study "Online Nation: Five Years of Growth in Online Learning," those from brick-and THREE -mortar schools.", "Employers Weigh In on How they View Online Degrees" CRITERIA October 2007 In 2013: It's not how you earn your degree, Broughi to you by it's where you earn your degree. Drexel UNIVERSITY ONLINE DREXEL.COM

How Do Employers View Online Degrees?

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With more and more people looking to go into higher education, it's no surprise that many are looking at studying their degree online as a viable option. But how to employers view online degrees? Are ...


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