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How Do College Students Use Their Time

How do college students use their time? 24 GROOMING 48 MINUTES EATING AND DRINKING 1 HOUR TRAVELING 1.5 HOURS 20 OTHER 2.3 HOURS WORKING 3.1 HOURS 15 EDUCATIONAL ACTIVITIES 3.3 HOURS LEISURE & SPORTS 10 3.7 HOURS SLEEPING 8.3 HOURS What changes are there for someone moving from high school to a college schedule? HIGH SCHOOL (Unemployed) COLLEGE Grooming Other Eating & Drinking Traveling Other Educational activities Working Educational activities Leisure & Sports Leisure & Sports Sleeping Sleeping SOURCE: BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS 24 HOURS 1 WEEK Facebook users in college spend 1-5 hours per week studying, while non-users spend 11-15 hours per week studying. Students spend 24.5 hours a week e-mailing, IM'ing, and web surfing. STUDYING TIME PER WEEK E-MAIL, IM, WEB SURFING TIME PER WEEK Non-user Facebook user 24.5 HOURS Males in college report having more than twice as much free time as women. Nine hours for guys per week, 4 hours for girls College students spend an average of 10.2 hours a week drinking. DRINKING TIME PER WEEK FREE TIME PER WEEK Male Female 10.2 HOURS College students write. 42 PAGES PER CLASS PER SEMESTER All of this leaves a college graduate AN AVERAGE OF $20,000 IN DEBT Infographic brought to you by Guide to Online Graphic by

How Do College Students Use Their Time

shared by Kristofferson on May 24
Campus life in college is an exciting period where many people experience total freedom for the first time in their lives. How do they use their newfound freedom? This infographic presents how much t...


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