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How Different Will Classrooms of The Future Be?

COMPONENTS OF A Top 3 Reasons for Teachers to Use Technology in the Classroom Learning Analytics One system claims to predict whether a student's likelihood of 21st Century Classroom Help teachers assess top concerns and achievements related to their students 70% Registration for the Learning Analytics and Knowledge conference doubled between 2011 and 2012 2012 sufficient course completion with about 70% accuracy, highlighting risk factors for individual students 2011 Technology is undeniably changing the face of education, and it's easy to see the impact already. Imagine what classrooms will be like in 20 years with the speed of technological innovation. Learn more about some of the key advancements in the 21st century classroom. Adapt to diverse learning styles 76% Open Source Textbooks In the next decade, open source textbooks are expected to grow to 25% of the textbook market Boost student 77% 91% By 2013, e-textbooks motivation may comprise 6 in 10 .but just 1 in 5 feel their classrooms have Enhance the material being taught of teachers have 11% 6.15% 76% computers in their classroom... students have used a digital textbook the right level of technology - just 4 in 10 had in 2011 - of textbook revenue INCREASING THE PRESENCE OF THE FOLLOWING TECHNOLOGIES COULD CHANGE THAT RATIO DRASTICALLY Over 51% of colleges cited wireless upgrades as their tech priority in 2011-12 given the 60% increase in mobile devices on 81% of teachers believe tablets enrich 86% of students believe they study more efficiently with tablets Real World Education classroom learning Project-based learning (PBL) teaches concepts, but also organization, articulation, project management and collaboration campus in the previous year *****............. Integration of Social Networks Integrating life skills into education can improve student engagement and retention and prepare them for 21st century careers 1 in 5 Engaging students with a free tool they already use can help them learn in new ways, gain focus and increase participation 29% of teachers use social media for coursework, compared to now 80% of college professors students have used a mobile app to keep their coursework organized One social media pilot program assisted in a class' 50% rise in grades 4 in 10 students believe integrating social networks into the classroom would benefit their education ********... Sources: • http://www.pearsonfounda • lamericas/schoolwork-gets-swept-up-in-rush-to-go-digital.html?pagewanted=all • 12012/02/18/open-source-textbooks/ • • htt p:// • http:/ledtechdigest.wordpress.c om/2011/10/18/trends-survey-says-wireless-networks-expand-for-mobile-growth/ • http://patrickdunn.sq • _distance_2011 • • cademics/centers/blank-center/global-research/Pages/babson-survey-research-group.aspx • http:/lwww.t Students.pdf • se/article.jsp?id=3751748 • 1e3ce6c.html • s_units • • note_Siemens. pdf Online Courses Online enrollments saw Almost a third Games and 21% growth while overall higher education student population only saw 2% growth 59% of all college students take at least one online Gamification of students would In one study, games raised average test scores: like to use their own of teachers have mobile devices to course 91.5% enhance learning used online 43% games in the classroom With the use of digital games Over 65% of education institutions count online 79.1% learning as critical for long-term educational success e Open Colleges Without the use of digital games

How Different Will Classrooms of The Future Be?

shared by opencolleges on Jul 03
With so many things happening technologically in the classroom, we thought it'd be a good idea to create an infographic depicting a few of the key changes that's ALREADY happening - and what it will l...


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