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How to Create Engaging Content

How to create engaging content Simplicity Tell a story Immersion Simple stories are strong stories. Take out everything that doesn't serve the narrative. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways you can engage your audience. You probably tell stories everyday to your friends, family, and your colleagues. The more readers put themselves into a story, the more likely they are to change their opinions. So why not use this technique to be closer to your audience? Familiarity Characters The more familiar a Characters and story feels, the more powerful it is. conversation go hand-in- hand. Relatability Drama The more people identify with a story, the more likely they are to be persuaded. Stories need dramatic development and emotional dynamics. Use visual content The golden ratio of images to text 140 120 80 40 0-25 25-50 50-75 75-100 100-125 125-150 150-175 Number of words per image Whut!? Articles that use 1 image for every 75 - 100 words get shared the most Hi hello Use bullet points. Or numbers. Or any kind of sign you want when you have a list, or some tips that you want to emphasize. Use sub-headings. Headings are great to use when you want to section your article into several different parts Make your articles easy and fun to read... Bold important keywords. If you Spaces between paragraphs. It's best to have 2-3 sentences in one want to draw attention to certain key points in your article, then bold those words. When you have a long form article, it's important to edit it so that it's not in bulk. paragraph. Or you can even have one sentence. Long paragraphs are hard to read because it requires more focus and extra effort. Supercharge!? Short phrases. Sometimes, you want to say so many things in one phrase that you get lost, and all of a sudden your phrase has lost its meaning. Since many readers have a short attention span, you will lose them if you don't format your article so that it's easy for everyone to scan it and find the most important takeaways. Create compelling titles. The headline can be the best part of reading an article. Think of your headline as the gift, not the wrapping on the gift. Provide Value "Content must be useful to the reader. Providing real actionable value in your content encourages readers to rely on you as a trusted source and consider you as a leader in your industry." Involve your Audience Have a call to action When telling your stories or utilizing power words, be sure to maintain the 2nd person writing style, and incorporate words like "you" and "your." This will significantly impact your audience. In the Call To Action (whether you insert it at the end of the article, or in the middle), you need to convince your audience take action. Perhaps you want them to comment on your article, like it, share it, subscribe to your newsletter, or buy one of your products. Consider the Pacing & Flow Learning is like eating. You don't just shovel spoonful after spoonful of food into your mouth, at least not normally. Instead, you take in a spoonful of food; chew it up to break it into smaller pieces; and then swallow it so that it can be processed further down the digestive tract. Strain the brain. Train the brain Try it! You can't expect to shovel new information on top of new Avoid shoveling too much information by working on the pacing and flow of the course. information in the brain. You have to pace it. Take in new information; reflect on it (maybe practice using it); and then send it to other parts of the brain for processing. With new information provide opportunities to use it. \I/ Try something creative. This infographic is powered by maester Train your team anywhere and anytime Number of shares

How to Create Engaging Content

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When you create an online training your main goal is to share knowledge. But tention spans are short and the people you want to share knowledge with are probably gone when you send some information st...






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