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The Honorable Guide To Honor Societies

HONORABLE GUIDE TO HONOR SOCIETIES Honor societies are exclusively for the top-performing students, whether it be in academics, humanitarian work, or unique characteristics that set them apart from others. Members are either invited or submit applications to become a part of these prestigious organizations that promote education and personal growth. There are a lot of honor societies out there, so make sure you do your research to find a community that offers what you're looking for and fits your specific interests. The Benefits of Becoming an Honor Society Member Being a member of an honor society is not just an acknowledgment of your academic successes, it also presents opportunities to foster professional networking relationships to help you reach your goals. AS A STUDENT PRESTIGE AND SCHOLARSHIP RECOGNITION AND GRANTS • Only the top performlng students are accepted Into • Annually, honor socletles offer $1 mllion In scholarshlps honor socletles NETWORKING LEADERSHIP EVENTS OPPORTUNITIES • Network with other • Develop leadershlp and management skills by becomIng part of your college chapter's board students who share Science simlar Interests • Network with alumni already In the workforce of members AS AN ALUMNI CREATE APPEAL OPPORTUNITIES • Employers assoclate belng an honor soclety member with leadershlp and abllity to create successful working relationshlps • Internshlp opportunitles • Fast-track appllcatlons Into top companles Prestigious National Honor Societies Honor Societies began as secret organizations where members would engage in debate and discuss social and political events (like revolutions, riots and protests). As most Latin-letter fraternities, they began as secret societies with: Diploma Ritual of Initiation Oath of Badge Handclasp Motto Secrecy The traditions of having a badge/symbol, a diploma/certificate, and a motto still remain to this day. PHI BETA KAPPA Phi Beta Kappa is considered the oldest and most prestigious honor society for liberal arts and sciences, selecting students within the ФВК top 10% of their class in their senior year. MISSION: To promote excellence in and induct the most outstanding students in the liberal arts and sciences SYMBOL: The 3 stars represent the 3 distinguishing Founded: principles of the society: Dec 5, 1776 Friendship Morality Learning College of William and Mary, Virginia The pointing finger represents ambition HONOR CORD COLORS: Motto: Pink 00 "The love for Sky Blue knowledge be the guide of life." FAMOUS PEOPLE: John Quincy Adams, 1787 Conodoleezza Rice, former George H. W. Bush, 1948 U.S. Secretary of State PHI KAPPA PHI Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest honor society open to SOCIETY all academic disciplines. Membership is by invitation only, and is restricted to the top 7.5% of college students in the second semester of their junior year. OKO MISSION: To promote all fields of study in higher education and create a community for scholars in which to engage. KAPPA SYMBOL: A globe with the sun's 8 rayed corona behind it. Founded: The sun represents the spreading of learning and knowledge as light Mar. 15, 1776 University of Maine The 8 rays represent the divisions into which general education was divided during that time period HONOR CORD COLORS: Motto: White 0 Royal Blue WI II "Let the love of learning rule humanity" Gold 00000 FAMOUS PEOPLE: U.S. President Jimmy Carter John Grisham, author Dave Brubeck, jazz musician 1948 ATERNATIONAL GK GOLDEN KEY SOCIETY Created to diversify a community of intellectuals across the world in leadership, academics and CADEMICS service, the Golden Key Society was founded to 1977 honor all disciplines and invites the top 15% of the undergraduate class. Founded: MISSION: To help students achieve their Nov. 29, 1977 personal, professional, and altruistic goals. Atlanta, Georgia HONOR CORD COLORS: Gold Motto: Royal Blue II II "To enable members FAMOUS PEOPLE: to realize their Elie Wiesel, holocaust survivor and author potential through the advancement Desmond Tutu, South African social rights activist Bill Clinton, U.S. President of academics, leadership and service." SOURCES ble-others-heres-how-judge · IHd PHI но, HONOUR SOCIETY GOLDEN LEADERS

The Honorable Guide To Honor Societies

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An honor society is a group set up to recognize excellence in students, whether that be in academics, humanitarian work, or other unique achievements. So why should students work towards joining an ho...


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