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Hogwarts or Bust! Boarding School Myths - Debunked

Hogwarts or Bust DERUNKING THE MYTHS ABOUT BOARDING SCHOOLS While waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts, you may want to consider some of the other outstanding boarding schools out there. Let's look at some common myths you may encounter and what you can expect from boarding school. TRUTH Boarding schools are depressing reformatories for troubled teens. Boarding schools are not the dark places depicted in Victorian novels. Rather, they're vibrant, welcoming communities where students form lifelong friendships. Think Gryffindor common room, not Oliver Twist. MYTH! 78% Graduates who report being very well prepared for the social, non-academic aspects of college TRUTH MYTH Students are sent away to boarding school against their will. The majority of students choose to attend boarding school primarily for high-quality academics. Students want to be challenged and engaged in the classroom to become better prepared for top universities. 95%) Students who are satisfied with their boarding school's academics Graduates who feel academically prepared for college: PUBLIC 39% PRIVATE 71% BOARDING 87% Students who report having high-quality teachers: PUBLIC 51% PRIVATE BOARDING 90% 62% TRUTH MYTH Boarding schools are for the wealthy. Students come from all socio-economic backgrounds. Boarding schools vary greatly in tuition and many offer financial aid and scholarships. 36% of students receive need based financial aid TRUTH MYTH There's no diversity at boarding schools. Boarding schools promote diversity by accepting students-both Muggle and magical-from all over the world. The residential atmosphere allows students to interact and bond with peers they likely wouldn't meet in a traditional school setting. Students who describe school's student body as diverse: PUBLIC 19% PRIVATE BOARDING 59% 39% TRUTH ΜΥΤΗ Students at boarding school have little contact with parents. Similar to being away at college, It's easier than ever to stay in touch with family via Skype, email, and cell phones. Students can visit home and parents are welcomed to campus for family weekends, performances, and games. 86% Students who report being satisfied with family Nfe TRUTH MYTH You'll have a wealth of extracurriculars from which to Boarding schools offer no extracurricular activities. choose. Boarding schools emphasize athletics, the arts, and community service to develop well-rounded stu- dents and leaders. 77% Students who report their boarding school provides leadership opportunities BOARDING PUBLIC/PRIVATE Hours per week dedicated to sports (12 ) vs. and physical fitness: HOURS HOURS BOARDING PUBLIC PRIVATE Hours per week spent on performing arts/creative activities HouRS 5. HOURS HOURS TRUTH MYTH Students don't have fun in boarding school. Students have independence in choosing how they spend free time-hanging out with friends, watching TV, Quidditch. Residence houses also compete in games and competitions throughout the year. Boarding schools present a unique opportunity for students to grow both inside and outside the classroom. The "home away from home" community will inspire and propel you towards a lifetime of success. Sources M aiecomOFECA Lry The fre Abot Bordncheelper ncontenmabossdisgchoolen hpwwwadniknst.comionboadingschooiuave comen-aoandiag-coolyth warkckest Semeaboardngschooet a hppara.orgricieuugnat ofinternirancial kida ND NOTRE DAME

Hogwarts or Bust! Boarding School Myths - Debunked

shared by mollynox on Feb 27
There’s a myth that attending boarding school is no fun. However, when you consider the wealth of opportunities that are open to you, you’ll discover that you can have as much as you want. Boardin...


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