History of Sushi

THE HISTORY IF SUSHI 3500 BC 400 BC Rice comes to First version of sushi is invented along the Mekong River (Thailand) Japan from Korea 1400 Nama-nare (raw age): fermented for days, rice eaten 700 500 Nare-zushi (aged fish): fermented for months, Chopsticks arrive from China rice not eaten ----- 1600 Rice vinegar 1603 Shogun moves capital to Edo 1650 Haya-zushi (quick sushi): no longer fermented. Fresh fish EUO made from sake 1827 1657 1810 Nigiri sushi (hand- squeezed) invented. Edomae zushi Sashimi begins to be used as a topping Great Fire of Meireki helps create new business: the food stall becomes fast food TIKIO 1853 1900 1923 Commodore Ice boxes allow for Great Kanto Earth- quake forces sushi chefs to leave Tokyo fresher sashimi- Matthew Perry lands in Japan type sushi 1970 1971 Kaiten sushi 1952 California Roll and Otoro sushi are America Occupation inspires taste for greasy foods restaurants become popular invented around the same time 1972 DOMO CO JAL first to deliver tuna from Canada to Japan O DARUMA

History of Sushi

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A quick look at the history of sushi. Did you know sushi's origin began in another country and not Japan? Read more to find out.




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