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The History and Future of Computing in Schools

From the Acorn to the icloud The history and future of computing in UK schools Computing in the Cost Pranks A BBC Micro cost £399. Computers and children have 1980s In today's money that would be around £1,300 or 2/3 the ISSUES FOR always meant mischief and it SCHOOLS was no different in the 80s.. cost of the new 5K iMac! 10 PRINT "STEVE IS THE BEST“ 20 GOTO 10 .cheeky! E4,122,030 BBC Micro Released in 1981 the amount in today's money that was invested by the British Government in 1981 to get computers into UK schools OS: Acorn MOS Processor: 8-bit CPU: 2MHZ Memory: 16-32KB or the salary of 110 ICT teachers A PUTER SEM 80% of UK schools had a BBC Micro by 1985 Floppy Disk BBC Basic The 5.25" floppy disk The native programming language held around 360kB for the MOS-based BBC Micro of data - that's enough for 9.7 seconds of a Over the years it has been used to MP3 track power aeroplanes, in animation, MPUTING HERO and even to add colour to black and white film Computing in the Games Balls The must-have stelen Minesweeper and Solitaire distracted many students and 1990s item in schools was ISSUES FOR SCHOOLS getting around the blocked the ball from the mouse... what anyone wanted them for is not known, nor is the bill for online games was the real ICT skill to have replacing them! Dot-matrix printers Acorn Noisy printers that needed a pile of green tinted paper with holes in - how many Archimedes Try not to tear me please Released in 1992 times did you rip the paper when tearing iit off? OS: RISC OS Processor: 32-bit ARM2 CPU: 12MHZ Memory: 512kB - 16MB Cost today: £800 - £1,500 Office 95 Acorne You look like you need help? One of the best things to happen to education or one of the worst? I'm looking at you PowerPoint and Office Assistant! GO AWAY Archimedes WORD ART Kerching! 15574389 Computers for Schools Acom and Tesco teamed up to launch 'Computers for Schools' 1 COMPUTER VOUCHER vouchers to help schools get the equipment they wanted.. hence the Acom generation "are you collecting the computer for schools vouchers?" Floppy Disks and CD ROMS Confiscated Encarta 95 The rise of computing and The mid 90s saw the release of the popular Encarta Encyclopedia gaming in the 90s meant The early 90s use schools could stock their 3.5" floppy disks in most PCs. During the mid to late 90s, CDs confiscated cupboards with all the sought-after gadgets.. The go-to resource for MPUTING HERO 25 inot started becoming the storage of choice many a student's homework - if they could find which of the 10 discs the information was on! Computing in the Peer to Peer Distractions If you weren't playing online 2000s Sharing files is a great idea; sadly some illegal file sharing (especially with MP3S) meant lawsuits and for many, viruses! F4 games or playing Snake on your Nokia, you were probably ISSUES FOR SCHOOLS chatting on MSN Messenger, - a lot of the time in school! Alt ICT decline From the mid-00s to the end of the decade, the number of students sitting A-Level/GCSE ICT or Computing falls Dell Number students sitting A-Level exams 16,000 Released in 2003 OS: Windows XP ICT Processor: 32-bit 10.000 CPU: 333MHZ B000 Memory: 512MB вооо COMPUTING Cost today: £1,300 4.000 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Fast-paced updates "Just bought 100 new laptops? Now you need 1,000 iPads and some Lego® NXT kits to." The pace and range of technology means that school budgets are under more pressure and scrutiny Blogs & wikipedia Confiscated DVD ROMS and Flash Drives RING DING DING DING BEM BEM.. IT'S THE GRAZY FROG WIKIPEDIA The Free Encyclopedia Mobile phones; the bane TING HERO of many a teacher's DVD-ROMS ruled for a bit before Whilst mobile learning is on the rise and classroom - until schools cheaper, bigger and more portable USB Flash Drives took over portability becomes key, online leaning and sharing takes a big leap realise the potential of mobile learning and BYOD. takes off Wikipedia effectively kills off encyclopedias (and for some, textbooks) while blogs and social media help kick-start online sharing PAD Still, there is no excuse for that Crazy Frog and up-to-the-second information ringtone! Computing in the Qualified Only 35% of ICT Teachers are deemed to 2010s ISSUES FOR hold the appropriate post A-Level SCHOOLS qualifications - more than half the number Y QUALIFIED ICT TEACHERS in maths, physics, biology and chemistry MORE THAN 18,000 UK ICT TEACHERS Rise of ICT Number students sitting GCSE ICT 100.000 Since changes have a0,000 been made the number ICT sitting ICT GCSE has sharply grown but A-Level ICT/Computing has been slow to GCSE 0.000 respond 201 2012 2014 Apple iMac Latest 2014 version Appeal RATIO OF OS: OS X Yosemite GIRLS-TO-BOVS 4 ? Just 314 girls took GCSE TAKING AN Processor: Intel Core i7 Computing in 2014 - clearly A-LEVEL IN: CPU: 4 GHz there is still work to be done COMPUTING Memory: up to 32GB Cost: £1,999 to raise the subjects appeal Mobile Learning As of September 2014, educational apps available by Apple surpassed 100,000 and are the second biggest category Games Education 20.38% 10.36% Business 9.43% Clouds 33,333 BYOD on the rise Released in 2012 and developed BYOD rules in higher education though EY-KS4 still lags Many schools are taking advantage of cloud storage despite some reservations over the security online. 89% BYOD alowance in coleges and universities in the UK, the Raspberry Pi promotes the basics of computer science. Selling over 2.5 million boards to date - that's enough to make 33,333 raspberry pies! someway behind Work 'Anytime, Anywhere' is really taking off. 3D BYOD akwance in Eady Years to KS4 schools PRINTING 1/3 40% 40% 7% of 13-15 year olds say the curriculum isn't up to scratch of 13-15 year olds use cloud storage on their devices of schools don't discuss ICT use in have coded with over 30% of boys and girls wanting to Teaching & Learning curriculum Upgrade Cloud, WİFİ & BYOD use ICT Policy & Promotion Coding & Programming The Future of Computing is here where are you? The Annual Future of Computing Conference OSIRIS EDUCATIONAL Sources: Technical data - Wikipedia, BBC, Acom Computers, Dell, Apple, Raspberry Pi, 2014 'Educational Policies: An International Overview Tibor Vasko & Darina Dicheva, 1986 JCQ A-Level and GCSE results 2004 - 2014 "Shut down or restart?" The Royal Society, 2012 The Impact of BYOD in Education' Bradford Networks, 2013 "Survey of Schools: ICT in Education' DG Communications Networks, Contents & Technology for the European Commission, 2013 'Realtime Generation: The Rise of the Digital Era' Logicalis, 2013 App data -, 2014 CC NC © 2014 Osiris Educational Woodhall Spa Ltd. BY ND This work and all contained within it are governed by the above Creative Commons Licence. For information on this licence, visit: INTERNET COMPUTING HER

The History and Future of Computing in Schools

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A look at the history of computing in schools from the 1980s BBC Micro to the modern day range of technology. An in-depth look at the teacher and uptake of the subject and a look towards the future f...


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