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Higher Education Around The World

! The World . of Higher Education With college education the next logical step for a majority of American high school students, higher education is a big business in this country. What does the picture of higher education look like around the globe? Going to School & Getting Degrees Wealthier countries tend to see more of their young people attend college or vocational school. The U.S. ranks near the top in higher education enrollment. Higher education enrollment of college-age individuals (select countries)* (1) SOUTH KOREA 98.4% UNITED KINGDOM 61.9% AUSTRALIA IRELAND 86.3% 71.2% JAPAN SWITZERLAND 61.5% 55.6% USA 94.3% NORWAY CUBA GERMANY 61.7% 74.1% FRANCE IRAN MEXICO 29% 62.5% 58.3% 55.2% INDIA 24.8% EGYPT CHINA 26.7% GHANA 30.1% 12.2% PAKISTAN 9.5% * Includes full-time and part-time college, university or vocational school enrollment More than 4 in 10 Americans 25-34 years old have completed post high school-level education. Percentage of citizens 25-34 attaining post high school-level education* (2) CANADA 56.5% RUSSIA UNITED KINGDOM DENMARK GERMANY 26.1% 55.5% 46.0% 37.6% IRELAND 48.2% FRANCE UNITED STATES 42.3% 42.9% JAPAN SPAIN 39.2% 56.7% MEXICO 21.8% GREECE 30.9% SOUTH KOREA ITALY 20.7% SWITZERLAND ISRAEL CHINA 44.2% 65.0% 40.5% BRAZIL 11.6% AUSTRALIA 44.4% * Includes full-time and part-time college, university or vocational school enrollment More women attend college in the United States, and while that's true for many other countries, it isn't the case in some parts of the world. Ratio of women to men enrolled in higher education (ratio over 1 means more women are enrolled than men) (3) WOMEN MEN 1.6 1.6 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.4 1.3 1.2 1.1 1.1 1.0 0.9 0.9 0.8 0.6 0.4 AUSTRALIA Cost of Higher Education While much has been made recently of the growing cost of college in the United States, how does the U.S. compare to the rest of the world? Total higher education cost per year as a percentage of median individual income (4) 175.7% 108.8% 87.5% 84.1% 55.4% 48.9% 45.6% 60.2%, 44.7%43.4%, 39% 38% 36.9%, 30.4%28.4% CANADA LATVIA MEXICO NEW AUSTRALIA SWEDEN GERMANY NETHERLANDS ZIN 10 Recent U.S. college graduates with student loan debt (5) 66% of Swedish students who received help from the government got loans. () $33,700 Minimum annual income U.K. graduates need to attain to begin paying back loans; once they reach that mark, they pay 9% of income over that amount until the loan is paid off or forgiven (6) Monthly student loan payments are deducted via payroll withholding in the U.K., similar to how taxes are treated in the U.S. $10,000. Many countries around the world have programs to make college tuition free (though other costs typically apply). Here's a look at some of them: (7) H NORWAY GERMANY FINLAND SWEDEN SLOVENIA FRANCE O BRAZIL SOURCES 1. 2. 3. 4. INFO GRAPHIC WORLD 5. 6. 7. NORWAY SWEDEN ITALY UNITED STATES UNITED KINGDOM FRANCE SPAIN CHINA GERMANY MEXICO O JAPAN TURKEY SOUTH KOREA GHANA JAPAN CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC USA ENGLAND AND WALES ZEALAND DENMARK FRANCE FINLAND NORWAY

Higher Education Around The World

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Higher education is the expected next step for most high school students in the U.S., and it seems that every day, we hear more and more about the economic effects of student loan debt. But does the s...


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