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Higher Ed Web Content Cycle

THE CONTENT CYCLE PREEN PUBLISH START Look: Don't just call it done. Look at recently edited pages and re-read / re-think it. Ask: Who needs to know this information Think past “Done!" IGNORE what people tell you to do, but LISTEN to why they're asking. exists? Email the url to concerned staff. Ask: Does this affect other instances of this content in archives, home pages, faculty bios etc? Ask: How wilL I keep this information up to date? Set reminders to Not only does the content exist, but it has a cyclical plan. • ask for updates • look at analytics JUL 500 points 170 Ask: What else can I make better today? PAY DAY IS AWESOME Can the web help? Hlike the glorious F-SHAPED FOREST BUT YOU'RE NOT DONE YET Not every problem has a web solution. Ask: Is there another way to help? • Should this be announced in class? • Would an email work better? • Would a student in the hallway work? • Will printed piece have more impact? 100 YES NO Conquer Fluff Mountain Sail pant the Sea óf Mediocrity Text should serve the user, not our school's ego. 30 Thịnk like the user Any introductory paragraph should explain: • What will the user find below • Why they should care Carbon copies of everything this University does exist elsewhere. The user expects information that is carefully gathered, organized, filtered and displayed in the language of the user. Ask: How can I describe our carbon copy in a different and provacative way? If you copy & paste & walk away, you're gonna have a bad time. Ask: Can the user solve their problem without this text? Ask: How would the user describe what they're looking for? Ask: Can I personally prove the veracity of this text? If so, show the user. If not, it's fluff. Ask: Am I asking the user to piece information together, or am I connecting the dots for them. Collect & filter content 100 Make content scannable Design good text PDF points Content doesn't arrive web ready Look at it from far away List Table Infographic When a content owner sends content it will 20 Adobe need to be re-imagined for the web. If it didn't, you wouldn't have a job. How the text looks from far away is similar to how the scanning user will see your content. Ask: Does the information already exist in the format I need? Is the owner unnecessarily filtering content? 10 200 (500 Ask: If I could only read the subheads, could I describe the content of the page? CONTENT 10 IF YOU COPY, PASTE& PUBLISH ROUNDUP NSTRUCTE VOU'RE GONNA HAVE ABADTIME University of Missouri - College of Engineering

Higher Ed Web Content Cycle

shared by charlietriplett on Mar 14
A flowchart of processes that build academic and programatic information for higher education website.


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