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High School Hazing

High School Hazing Hazing refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group that humiliates, degrades, or risks emotional and/or physical harm, Nearly everyone has heard of hazing behavior in university athletics and Greek organizations, but research shows that it begins much earlier in high school. Nearly half of high schoolers experience hazing, and many even consider it a positive experience and cultural tradition. Frequently reported H.S. hazing behaviors 30% 20% 10% 0% Associate with specific people and not others 8 cut of 10 individuals who Sing or chant alone or with selected members Be yelled, screamed, or cursed at by members Participate in a drinking game Deprive self of sleep Get a tattoo or body piercing Endure harsh weather without proper clothing Drink alcohol until getting sick or passing out reported hazing behavior did not consider it hazing. regardless of the person's willingness to participate. On average, males are hazed 2.4 times How big of an issue is it? in high school; Hazing generally occurs in co-curriculars In a survey of 11,500 college students, such as athletics and performing arts, but H.S. 47% (hazing class 16% hazing females, 1.5 times. claimed to experience "class hazing"– an initiation into the high school itself. said they were hazed during high school. What's being dene? Often, hazing behavior is in view of adults. It's important to educate not It is no secret. While frequently viewed as harmless pranks or silly antics, hazing can involve high-risk 44 just students, but also parents, school faculty, states have anti-hazing laws in place. behaviors that are and the local dangerous or abusive and often illegal. community. Sources: indianayouth National Study of Hazing The Indiana Youth Institute 9 indiana_youth available at State Anti-Hazing Laws May 2012 available at

High School Hazing

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While the big news hazing events of the past few years have been in universities, studies show that hazing is nearly as common in high schools. In fact, it seems that many high school freshmen experie...


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