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Heatwaves in Parramatta

CITY OB Health NSW Western Sydney Local Health District GOVERNMENT EXTREME HEAT in Parramatta Funded by Western Sydney Local Health District, as a partnership project with the City of Parramatta. Heatwaves are a silent killer. Major heatwaves have caused more deaths since 1890 than bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and severe storms combined. IT'S HOT IN PARRAMATTA Cities are hotter than rural areas due to the Urban Heat Island Effect 2015 SYDNEY morning summer surface temperatures in treeless urban areas warmest year on record globally Greater heat absorption leads to rising surface temperatures during the day 12.8°C higher than vegetated non-urban area More heat is absorbed by buildings, roads and other hard surfaces At night, hard surfaces re-radiate the heat into the surrounding environment 33 32 31 30 I URBAN HEAT ISLAND Suburban Residential Rural Farmland Rural Commercial Urban Residential Park City Suburban Residential PARRAMATTA has more hot days than Sydney 15 PARRAMATTA SYDNEY 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 2005 2010 2015 PEOPLE IMPACTS CITY IMPACTS Damages electricity and transport infrastructure EXTREME HEAT Dehydration Periods of Heat cramps extreme heat Heat exhaustion Increases need for air can cause heat related illnesses conditioning which increases cost of living Heat stroke Worsening of existing medical conditions Increases peak energy demand, driving up infrastructure costs Increases the risk of HEATWAVES power cuts HAVE BEEN SHOWN Increases air pollution (more ozone created from motor vehicle exhaust emissions) TO DRAMATICALLY INCREASE PATIENT PRESENTATIONS AT HOSPITALS COST OF EXCESS HEAT IN TERMS OF WORK ABSENTEEISM TO AUSTRALIAN ECONOMY IN 13/14 FY = can have a considerable effect on human health as the body cannot recover from daytime extremes INCREASED NIGHT TIME TEMPERATURES $6.7 BILLION WHO ARE MOST AT RISK? Over 75 Infants & very young children Homeless Lower socio economic status Chronic medical conditions Psychological Distress eg. diabetes, heart disease. high blood pressure, cancer or kidney disease and dementia Overweight or bese IT'S GETTING WORSE Projected future increase in maximum temperatures Projected future increase in minimum temperatures Parramatta is growing rapidly 0.7°C 1.9°C 0.6°C 2.0°C more hard surfaces will increase the UHI effect more people will be exposed due to growing population by 2030 by 2070 by 2030 by 2070 PARRAMATTA will get 1-5 more hot days ESTIMATED FUTURE EXCESS DEATHS 13 46 above 35°C in near future (2020-2039) per year per year FROM HEATWAVES FOR SYDNEY (2020-2039) (2060-2079) WHAT CAN PARRAMATTA DO? Deliver GREEN BETTER INFRASTRUCTURE our streets More shade structures Trees are essential to: Reflective/light coloured surfaces Provide shade Materials that don't retain heat Cool the air Water features Reduce energy use Water refill stations/drinking fountains Reduce wind speeds Regulate stormwater quantity and quality Remove air pollution Increase biodiversity WHAT ARE WE ALREADY DOING? COOL PARRAMATTA PARTNERSHIPS COOL NSW Health and WSROC BEAT THE HEAT OB Health NSW Western Sydney Local Health District WSROC PARRAMAL LA GOVERNMENT PARRAMATTA WE'RE BUILDING AUSTRALIA'S NEXT GREAT CITY II II I II Late afternoon temperature °C Number of days 35°C and over II II

Heatwaves in Parramatta

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Heatwaves are a silent killer. Major heatwaves have caused more deaths since 1890 than bushfires, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and severe storms combined. Persuaders have made this infographic for...


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