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Healthy revision guide

OXFORD HOME SCHO OLING HEALTH Y REVISION * quide !: * 00 Introduction We ran an online focus group includng aurrent students, former students, health & finess experts, and teachers This was to gather the best tps por a healthy revision quide. The aim of the guide is to help current students get ahead in their mocks and GCSE exams, although it is not exdusively for this purpose. The guide can be used by any student as they seek advice on study techniques and how to enhance their brain power throughout the challenging period of revision and exams. Contents EXAM PREPARATION & LEARNING STYLE TIES REVISION TIPS EATING & REVISION 5 SLEPING & REVISION EXERCISE & REVISION MUSIC & REVISION FINAL TIPS 1 & tips LEARNING SIYLE EXAM PREPARATION "Achieve balance - study. revise but also making tine for chilling out, socialising and exercise. If stressed out, talk to friends or family" FLASH + CARO: Top- LEARNING -STYES,- MIND MAR Blogger & Farmer Student, Pamela Higgins ( VIDEO CNLINE QUIZZES HIGHLIGHT KEYAREAS When plarning time, thirk about when you study best If you are a night owl plan a great lie in and work into the night, 4 you need an afternoon nap have one, plan around it" 88% OF RESPONDENTS SAY PREPARING. WELLFOR SAMS IS iMPORTANT Teacher & Blogger. Suzanne Hubble ( REVISION lips "ALL REVISION SHOLD BE ACTIVE. IT'S NO GOOD KE ADING THROUGH NOTES ORMAKING PRETTYREVISION SUMMARIES IF YOU THEN DON'T DO SOME TH ING WITH TH EM AFTERWARDS." BLOGGER & PARENT, KJREN WHITLOCK ( "IEST YO URSELF, ASK FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO TEST YOU ON "IT I IM PORTANT TO TAKE A "VIUAL" MEAK FROM HEAVY READING. WHEN POSSIBLE, HE AD QUTSIDE FOR BREAKS BETWEEN STUDYING TO GIVE YOUR EYES A THE KEY THEMES." TEACHER. SCARLETT MCGINLEY- HUGHES "TARGET YOUR PDEFERRED LEARNING STYLE, USE ITUNTILIT ECOMES CHANGE IN LIGHTING" KIM AND AMANDA, BLOGGEK (WWW. THEEDUCATORSS PINONIT. COM) SECOND NATURE TO REVISE THIS WAY." CURRENT STUDENT, TORDAN MASON "MAKE A LIST ALL THE TOPICS IN EACH SUB JECT., EVERY TOPIC, AND GIVE THEM A RA TING: THOSE YOU KNOW, "CREATE ASTUDY GROUP WITH YOUR FRIENDS TO ENCOURAGE E ACH OTHER TO HALF KNOW AND DON'T KNOW. THEN PUT THESE IN TO A GO TO THE LIBRARY TOGETHER, YOU WILL ALSO SHARE TIPS" TIME TABLE AND WORK OUT THE TIMINGS OF HOW LONG STUDENT & BLOGGER, NIA (WwW. THEMIXEDMEDIC. COM) YOU NEED TO SPEND ON EACH" "REVISE FOR SH OR TER PERIODS OF TIME AND IN BLOGGER AND PARENT, SARAH NEWTON (www.SARAHNEWTON. COM) BETWEENCATCH UP ON YOUR FAVOURITE SHOWS, LISTEN TO MUSIC OR WA TCH YOUTUBE, THERE'S EVEN SOME FUN REVISION TOOLS ON THE RE! "WH EN BEGINNING TO RE VISE, CHOOGE YOUR MOSTINTERESTING TOPS FIRST TO GET YOU IN THE RHYTHM OF REVISION" BLOGGER, TEACHER & PARENT, EMMA CONWAY BLOGGER & FORMER STUDENT, SURYA TEJA (www.LIFETIPSPRO COM) (wwW.BRUMMYMUMMYOF2. CO.UK) Ohat goed is kest to eat gor breakfast on the morning of an ekam? "Samething that uwil keep you fill ard jled with skw- retease erergy so a midure of complex carbuhydates and protein with some frut or veg: an omelette with loads of veg: paridge with banana and nuts: a protein amoothie with added sipefoods Stay away from high sugar careats!" top Blogger & Forme Student. Pamela Higgins (wuw.spamellabcom) TOPFOOD. CHOCOLATE FOR HITTING MILESTONES WHOLEGRAINS BREAKFAST FRUIT OILY FISH EATING& REVISION PORRIDGE SMOOTHIES EGGS ON TOAST FRUIT

Healthy revision guide

shared by SamReeves on Jan 12
We ran an online focus group including current students, former students, health & fitness experts, and teachers. This was to gather the best tips for a healthy revision guide. The aim of the guide is...


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