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Green Color in Web Design by TemplateMonster

GREEN COLOR IN WEB DESIGN The 2nd most used color after blue in web design O 560 different shades O Strong calming effect Associations Green for Websites Business Sites Professional & reliable look. Food Sites Speaks for healthy, fresh, eco food. Agriculture Sites Associated with organic products. Advertising Sites Gives forward-thinking & ambitious appeal. Medical Sites Has a calming effect and relieves stress. Finance Sites Green is a symbol of money. Energy, Technology Sites Green is for growth, innovations. Household Sites Shows family-oriented mood. Unpopular for Clothes Cars Airlines Sites Sites Sites Use Green for: Promo: BANNERS Badges On Page Elements: Buttons Arrows Text: Maximizes readability What Green to Choose • Blue green. The most preferable green for all people. • Dark green. Shows ambition. Light green. Gives lively, energetic & daring feel. • Grass green. The color of money. • Olive green. Symbolizes peace. • Emerald green. Shows wealth. Note: Yellow green. Suggests cowardice, conflict and fear. • Lime green. Links with sickness & nausea. Never use for I sites. Green & Target Audience Men like green because of its balance and stability meaning Women because of its Mother Nature meaning Both men & women like it! Mixes of Green Clean professional look. Good for finance sites An impression of professional productivity Natural look Serenity & prosperity Business-like appearance Perfect for organic products Energetic feel. Good for sport sites Green for eCommerce Sites Agriculture stores Electronics Food stores stores Medical Beauty Household stores stores stores Fact Green is ideal for promoting natural, safe, organic, environmentally-friendly products. Works Great for: Calling to Action E Add to Cart Sign Up Suggests the idea of "Go" or forward movement. Fact: The 2nd most used color after RED for CTAS. Tip: Use A/B testing to find which one acts best for you. Notifying Bestseller New Green & Shoppers All shoppers associate green with Attracts shoppers on Budget positivity relaxation safety harmony Sources in-web-design-green-and-environmental-concept/ choice-in-marketing symbolism-psychology/all-about-the-color-green-4309#.VjjTK7crKUn Designed by TemplateMonster Environment Money Good luck Growth Reliability Harmony Healing Inconsideration Fertility

Green Color in Web Design by TemplateMonster

shared by KatarinaKlementi on Dec 06
Can you name the most easy-on-the-eyes, calming and eco-friendly color in web design? It’s green, the second most used after blue. Its anatomy, the most interesting facts, tips on how to use it effe...




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