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Grading Our Schools

GRADING QUR SCHOOLS EVERY KID DESERVES A HIGH-PERFORMING SCHOOL COLORAD O SCHOOLS... FIND * COMPARE * ENGAGE WHO ARE WE? In 2010, Colorado schools enrolled about 840,000 students. The large majority of Colorado's students live in Colorado's front-range. About 60% of Colorado's students were white and 46% of Colorado students qualified for Student outcome grades were caloulated using Colorado School Grades curve (see data sources below) Compared to the nation, Colorado is about average in terms of enrollment, poverty and ethnic diversity. free and reduced lunch. Colorado ranks near the middle compared to other states in terms of enrollment (21*), racial diversity (30th) and poverty (36th). % White State Enrollment 70,000 O 2,000,000 O 4,000,000 O 6,300,000 93% % Free and Reduced State Enrollment 70,000 2.000,000 O 4,000,00o O6,300,000 25% UNITED STATE % White School Enrollment % Free and Reduced 0-100 • 100-500 • 500-1000 O 1000-2000 O greater than 2000 0% 100% School Enrollment 0-100 • 100-500 • 500-1000 O 1000-2000 O greater than 2000 HoW ARE WE DOING? Comparing student growth grades, the US is a C country and Colorado is a C state. WORLD SCHOOL GRADES The United States and Colorado are graded on the Colorado School Grades Curve using relative rates of student learning or growth calculated by Harvard Researchers. The U.S. is ranked near the midle of the graded nations (25th out of 49th) and receives a C grade. Colorado is ranked near the middle of states (19th out of 40th) and also receives a C. NATIONAL GROWTH GRADES Grades O no data ELEMENTARY AND MIDDLE SCHOOL GROWTH GRADES Elem/Middle School Grades A School Enrollment 0-100 • 100-500 O 500-1000 O 1000-2000 O greater than 2000 ARE WE PREPARING QUR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS FOR WORK AND POST- SECONDARY EDUCATION? Alaska NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL The amount students learn is different GRADUATION GRADE between schools. Students in some neighborhoods don't have easy access to high performing schools. HIGH SCHOOL GROWTH GRADES High School Grades School Enrollment 0-100 • 100-500 O 500-1000 O 1000-2000 O greater than 2000 Again, Colorado is a C state for high school graduation. Colorado's high school graduation rate is 74%. High schools with low graduation rates and ACT scores are located throughout the state, but many are concentrated in the Denver Metro area. Graduation Rate 100 School Enrollment 0-100 • 100-500 • 500-1000 O 1000-2000 O greater than 2000 ACT Grade School Enrollment 0-100 • 100-500 O 500-1000 O 1000-2000 O greater than 2000 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION RATE AND ACT GRADE BY SCHOOL ACT Grade High schools with higher ACT grades graduated larger percentages of students, showing our two indicators are highly correlated. 8Ок 60K High schools that received an F had graduation rates under 43%, while the A schools rates are above 94%. The ACT is used for admissions in Colorado public colleges and universities. The average composite ACT score in Colorado was about 19. Students with a 19 on their ACT will need to have a 3.6 GPA or higher to qualify for admission into CU Boulder. The F schools all have an average ACT under 15 and the average at A schools is above 22. 40K 20K OK Graduation Rate (%) January, 2012 Created by Dana Stright of Lexidyne, LLC and Robert Reichardt of R2 Research, LLC. Data Sources: Colorado School Grades data download, January 2012, Student characteristics Colorado School Grades Grading Curve State enrollment from US Department of Education, Grade Percentile Range Colorado from Colorado Department Education:, 2011-12 90-100 Student Growth: 65-90 15-65 5-15 0-5 B International and national from Harvard Kennedy School: international-and-state-trends-student-achievement International 1995 or 2000 to 2009, US 1992 to 2011 Colorado Department of Education:, 2011 to 2012 High school graduation US Department of Education: 2011Colorado Department of Education: SPF 2012_Flat File_12.05.12.xlsx, 2011 ACT Colorado Department of Education: All figures show the most recent available data as of January 2012. Total School Enrollment || 06

Grading Our Schools

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Who are Colorado’s K-12 students and how well are they being served? We integrated data from multiple sources: Colorado school grades, Colorado Department of Education, Harvard’s Kennedy School an...


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