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GMAT Tips and Tricks from Test Takers

GMAT Tips From Test Takers by CheatSheet O Don't waste your time trying to get too many resources and over complicating things. Spend your time on the materials guaranteed to help you on the GMAT. Farseer Strive for optimum mental and physical condition levels. A key is to minimize stress by staying healthy and alert. GMATT73 Play the GMAT like you would play chess - sacrifice a few pieces to win. Londonluddite Here are the main learnings I had: 1. Repetition is key. 2. Practice tests are critical. 3. Relax. JP 700 GMAT scorer Succeeding GMAT quant is not about knowing enough math techniques, but rather - using as few math skills as possible to solve problems. Hobbit If you see a problem that looks really hard and you know it is going to take a ton of time to work through it and even then you might not get it right, just skip it. johnnyx9 A common strategic error: I got that question right. I dont care if I guessed. I dont need to review the explanation. Praetorian Frustration will not do a thing for you. If you really want to tame this beast, then sit down and study it until it is not mysteriously frustrating any more. HongHu One mistake I recently made is not paying attention to what is being asked. haas_mba07 Your training involves two goals: 1) learning WHAT to study, and 2) studying that. Racer_x Take inventory of YOUR own personal strengths and weaknesses, and taylor a plan to overcome those weaknesses while simultaneously enhancing your strengths. AkamaiBrah Don't practice your tests always in a room that's very quiet. The exam hall was a little noisy - the traffic on the road, people were moving in/out. srb2k Being a native English speaker doesn't necessary means that one will do well on the verbal section. It tests arcane rules of grammar, reading comprehension abilities, and comfort with logical reasoning. gladstone We tend to lose score in the last 15 minutes when we are tired and under pressure to do more questions in less time. cma_sss 760 GMAT scorer I think no question is worth 2 or 2:30 minutes. If you are spending, more than 2 minutes on a question, you are digging your own graveyard. Gmacvik Studying for GMATİS similar to lifting weights if you do the same exercises, your muscles will adapt and you will eventually plateau. JonnyJersey Source: © CheatSheetOne. Direct dofollow link to is required when republishing.

GMAT Tips and Tricks from Test Takers

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Many students who dream of the Masters in Business Administration affixed to their name for life, dread the Graduate Management Admission Test. Just like a sentinel at the gate that determines your fa...




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