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GMAT Scores For Top Business Schools

Magysh presents: GMAT SCORES FOR TOP BUSINESS SCHOOLS Ready to triumph over the GMAT? Still think you need to earn a 760 to do so? Think again. If you have a strong business school applica- tion, you likely won't need a near-perfect GMAT score for admission to your dream pro- gram. But how do you know if your GMAT score is up to par? Read on to find out. To assess your GMAT score accurately, you must understand the big picture of GMAT admissions. To start, familiarize yourself with GMAT scoring. AWA Integrated Reasoning Quantitative Verbal Scoring: 0-6 points Evaluates: Your critical Scoring: 1-8 points Evaluates: Your aptitude Scoring: 0-60 points Evaluates: Your ability to use math to analyze and draw conclusions. Scoring: 0-60 points Evaluates: Your reading thinking and communica- tion skills. for analyzing information in multiple formats. comprehension, critical reasoning, and sentence correction skills. The Quantitative and Verbal sections contribute to your combined 200-800 GMAT score. Your scores on all four sections will be reported to business schools, though generally, your combined GMAT score is most highly valued in the admissions process. Your Combined GMAT Score Keep in mind that an average score for a top business school is not the bare minimum you need to get in--approximately half of applicants get into the school with less than that average score. Business Schools + Average Scores 400 500 600 700 800 Stanford University GSB: 732 Over 720 Harvard Business School: 727 University of Pennsylvania (Wharton): 725 University of Chicago (Booth): 723 Rating: Excellent Tier: Top 10% Next Steps: Focus on your application; New York University (Stern): 721 make sure it's well-rounded and refined. Dartmouth College (Tuck): 718 If your score is higher than 720, schools know you can handle their curriculums. Columbia University: 716 Both a 740 and a 770 make that same basic statement. University of California-Berkeley (Haas): 714 Yale University: 714 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan): 713 Northwestern University (Kellogg): 713 Between 650 and 720 University of Michigan - Ann Arbor (Ross): 704 Washington University in St. Louis (Olin): 696 Cornell University (Johnson): 691 Rating: Competitive Tier: Top 25% Next Steps: Start getting your application ready! Only retake the GMAT if your GPA is low, you're applying to top tier business schools, or you're confident that you can break the 720 threshold. University of Notre Dame (Mendoza): 690 University of Southern California (Marshall): 686 Arizona State University (Carey): 673 University of Washington (Foster): 670 Boston College (Carroll): 666 Michigan State University (Broad): 654 Texas A&M University-College Station (Mays): 648 Between 600 and 650 Temple University (Fox): 646 Pennsylvania State University (Smeal): 645 Louisiana State University - Baton Rouge: 642 University of Arizona (Eller): 639 Rating: Good, but not great Tier: Top 50% Next Steps: If you feel confident about the other aspects of your application, and have the time and energy to really kick your study game into high gear, then it will be worth- while to retake your GMAT. University of Miami: 628 Baylor University (Hankamer): 623 University of Pittsburgh (Katz): 622 Babson College (Olin): 610 University of Buffalo - SUNY: 604 San Diego State University: 596 Under 600 American University (Kogod): 590 Bentley University (McCallum): 590 University of Illinois-Chicago: 577 Rating: About average University of Tulsa (Collins): 574 Next Steps: If you're applying to a business school where your scores fall into the middle University of St. Thomas: 568 range of accepted students, do not worry! But if you have your sights set higher: • 600-650 range: Achievable with a solid University at Albany-SUNY: 562 study plan. • 700+ score: Might be achievable with an INTENSIVE study plan (e.g. studying Mississippi State University: 557 seven days a week for a few months.) Northern Arizona University: 555 Texas Tech University: 523 What's a Good GMAT Score for You? Ultimately, you have to decide whether your GMAT score is good enough to get you where you want to go. GMAT scores may be paramount to the application process, but even a 720 combined score won't get you into your dream program without a strong application to back it up. Your entire profile must honestly and effectively represent your successes, abilities, and potential. Still...a 720 can't hurt. Need help achieving your GMAT goals? Magoosh GMAT Prep can help. Visit to learn more. Sources: Magesh Prep smart, go far. Enjoy the ride.

GMAT Scores For Top Business Schools

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Got your eyes set on a top business school? How do you know if your GMAT score is up to par? Don't fret; there's an infographic for that.




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