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The Global Learning Crisis

THE GLOBAL LEARNING CRISIS WHY GETTING CHILDREN INTO SCHOOL IS NOT ENOUGH THANKS TO EFFORTS BY THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY TO ENSURE THAT ALL CHILDREN GET AN EDUCATION MORE CHILDREN ARE GOING TO SCHOOL THAN EVER BEFORE. YET 57 MILLION KEEP OUT! An estimated 250 MILLION children of primary school age are still denied the right to education children cannot read, write or count well – whether they have been to school or not IN MALI, 94% Many children spend two or three years in school without learning to read a single word of second graders cannot read a single word in French TEACHERS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR IN IMPROVING LEARNING, BUT OVERCROWDED CLASSROOMS AND A LACK OF RELEVANT MATERIALS CAN ALSO DEFEAT THE GOAL OF ENSURING EVERY CHILD RECEIVES A QUALITY EDUCATION. TIPS? 9 GLOBALLY, MORE THAN 1.6 MILLION ADDITIONAL TEACHERS WILL NEED TO BE RECRUITED BEFORE 2015. In Africa, where the need is greatest, 900,000 new teachers will be needed. IN CONGO & THE REPUBLIC OF TANZANIA, IN GAMBIAS THERE ARE 60+ 77% CHILDREN PER PRIMARY CLASS of instructors of primary school teachers had never taught at primary school IN MALAWI & THE CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC, THE AVERAGE SINGLE-GRADE PRIMARY CLASS IS APPROACHING IN CAMEROON THERE IS JUST 1 MATH TEXTBOOK FOR EVERY 100 13 PUPILS CHILDREN LET'S REMOVE BARRIERS TO LEARNING SO THAT ALL CHILDREN HAVE THE SKILLS THEY NEED TO THRIVE IN LIFE AND TO HELP BUILD A PEACEFUL WORLD. TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF LEARNING GLOBALLY, WE NEED TO: peace, technology, sustainability Train, equip, value & support teachers Transform classrooms into collaborative, community-supported settings Create holistic & relevant 21st Century curricula Assess Learning Adapt Teaching Set Priorities Provide sufficient, engaging & relevant learning materials Assessing learning; setting policy priorities & adapting teaching & learning practices Increase global investment in education We have to take action now. Every child has the right to be in school and learning. It's also the best way to reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development. The facts speak for themselves: 171 MILLION PEOPLE COULD BE LIFTED OUT OF POVERTY IF ALL STUDENTS IN LOW INCOME COUNTRIES LEFT SCHOOL WITH BASIC READING SKILLS. THAT'S EQUIVALENT TO A 12% CUT IN WORLD POVERTY. Sources: ПSTI Education for All Global Monitoring Report UNESCO Institute for Statistics United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization %24

The Global Learning Crisis

shared by UNESCO on Sep 25
Despite great advances in enrolment since 2000, 57 million children still remain out-of-school. Enrollment ratios aren't enough. we must also focus on equity and quality, throughout life, especially f...



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