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Getting Your Kids to Love Reading

Getting Children to Love Reading Reading is a huge part of a child's development. In the early stages, it should be a shared experience between parent and child which can impart a love of books from an early age. Reading skills are an essential part of building a strong imagination, love of story-telling and interest in learning. takes a look at some of the top ways to get your children into reading. NEWS Ensure your child sees you reading regularly. Whether it's a book, a newspaper or a magazine - being in an environment that promotes reading will instil a love of reading for pleasure Read in a place that's comfortable for both you During and after reading a book, talk about the story. and your child Take the time to discuss the ideas in the book in order to ensure proper understanding and inspire imagination If they have a favourite book or author, let them read their work again and again; but also encourage them to explore other authors and books in a similar style Get your kids their own library card, and encourage them to borrow 5 books at a time. The more books they go through, the more they'll be able to refine their taste and widen their comprehension Try graphic novels: the brilliant illustrations and edgy dialogue are great for kids who think reading is boring Some kids will prefer non-fiction books, and there are plenty of books about Space, Nature or History written at an appropriate level that they will love PROGRESS READING SPEED Reading on an e-reader provides progress reminders and reading speed which shows the Audio books can help effort young readers put in and motivates them to improve children apreciate the art of story telling if they aren't ready to read whole books by themselves 6Ə Get their eyes tested: needing glasses makes reading a whole lot harder and less enjoyable After your child has finished a book, let them watch the film. You can then discuss which 12 they preferred and what they would have changed Tell your kids they can stay up as long as they want if they read in bed. Making reading a treat!

Getting Your Kids to Love Reading

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This is a really useful guide for any parents of young kids. It lists some really cool ideas for getting kids into reading. Reading is the gateway to the imagination, so it's such an important part of...


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