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Getting a grip on good grammar

G ETT GRLP. G OO D, GRAM MAR Want to make sure poor writing skills don't trip you up? Master these 1O rules to help you shine at school and work. s/s' (1) S = belonging to multiple people or objects. Example: The sisters' bedroom is decorated in green. S= belonging to a single person or object. Example: The boy's family is proud of him. Exception: When referring to an already plural word, like children, you would write children's. Affect/Effect Affect = to influence. Effect - a result. Example: Leading a group of kids can affect them positively. Example: You can have a positive effect on a group of kids. Hint: Affect is most often a verb, while effect is most often a noun. Farther/Further Farther =a measure distance or length. Further = more of. Example: She wants to further her studies in medicine. Example: The quarterback threw the football farther than he ever had. K. His or Her/Their His or Her = belonging to a single person. Their = possessed or claimed by a group Example: Anyone can lose his or her appetite once in a while. Example: Athletes can lose their appetites once in a while. I/Me = use when referring to yourself before the verb. Example: My spouse and I went to Me = use when referring to yourself after the verb. Example: My daughter went to the restaurant with my spouse and me. the restaurant. Hint: If it doesn't sound right to say "me" by itself, then use I. E. It's/Its It's - it is/has. Example: It's a beautiful day. It's been a long week. Its = belonging to something. Example: The dog wanted its bone. Hint: If it doesn't sound right to say "it is/has," then use its. S. Than/Then Than = shows comparison. Then - indicates sequence. Example: Eagles are larger than robins, Example: He closed the door, then went to bed. 8. Their/There/They're Their = possessed or claimed by a group. Example: Their team won the World Series last year. There = place. Example: The dog buried a bone there. They're = they are. Example: They're leading the team to victory. 8. Who/That who = refers back to a particular person. That = refers to a nonhuman object. Example: The woman who found the lost Example: The organization that raised the most money for charity was honored at a banquet. puppy got a reward. Who's/Whose 10 Who's = who is/has. Whose = belonging to a person. Example: Who's going to the party? Who's eaten Example: The girl whose sister was in an accident had to leave early. at that restaurant before? Hint: If it doesn't sound right to say "who is/has," then use whose. G. University of Phoenix Designer. Naureen Salra | Writer: Stevle Ann Rinehart |April 2013 2)

Getting a grip on good grammar

shared by nsaira on Apr 14
We’ve all done it — misplaced an apostrophe, confused “their” with “there” or “they’re,” mismatched subject and pronoun, or left a participle dangling. Is it really such a big deal? ...


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