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GEO QUIZ ALL OVER THE 2006 NEWS over whether a woman 10. Through what strait 20. Palermo is to Sicily as 14. What Middle Eastern 29. The city of Pamplona could ascend to the throne 1. The United States country has a port on the Sapporo is to what? located between Iran and holds a yearty festival agreed to a nuclear pact in what country? the northern tip of Oman Mediterranean Sea, at that begins each morning with "the running of the with the world's largest do tankers carry millions Ashdod, and on the Red 6. Heavy rains and flash flooding caused a mudslide democracy, a South Asian of barrels of oil each day? Sea, at Eilat? bulls" through its streets. country that possesses Name the country where that killed hundreds of nuclear weapons. 15. The westernmost country this city is located. people and wiped out Name this country. on the mainland of houses on Leyte Island in Europe is the source of 30. Many Garifuna people which Asian country? 2. On July 12, militants much of the world's cork. live in fishing villages sneaked into Israel from ЕCONOMIES Name this country. 21. Punjab is to India as along the coast of a neighboring country, Chihuahua is to what? what country directly 7. For more than a decade, killed two Israeli soldiers north of Nicaragua? what country has been and kidnapped two more, 22. Mount Aconcagua is to setting off a 34-day war Name the country. the leading producer of nuclear energy? 11. Calico, a patterned cotton fabric, originated in the South America as Mount Kosciusko is to what? city of Calicut (now known as Kozhikodel in what 3. Scientists discovered 23. The Yucatán Peninsula major cotton-producing traces of a civilization is to Mexico as the Kola country in South Asia? wiped out during a volcanic eruption on Sumbawa, 16. Years of rapid industrial Peninsula is to what? growth around Krakow have left which Central one of the Lesser Sunda 24. Tikal is to Guatemala as 31. In which European Islands. This island is European country with Machu Picchu is to what? country can you hear part of which present-day severe environmental small groups of people speaking the regional languages of Breton, Basque, and Flemish? Asian country? 8. The country that borders TEST YOUR GEOGRAPHIC problems? both the Gulf of Oman 4. Violent protests over and the Caspian Sea is the world's leading 17. Which Canadian province SAVVY T: foreign cartoons produces more than 12. What Southeast Asian depicting the prophet Muhammad turned producer of pistachio nuts. Name this country. half of the country's 32. The delta of the Ganges country, bordering manufactured goods? River is one of the Thailand and India, is deadly in Afghanistan. the world's largest world's most densely Name the country in exporter of teak logs? ANALOGIES 25. Urdu is to Pakistan as populated areas. This here's been a lot of talk in the media lately about America's "geographic illiteracy." Indeed, a poll this year found that 33 percent of 18. to 24-year-olds couldn't find Louisiana on a map, which the cartoons were 18. Mount Elbrus is to Sinhalese is to what? delta lies in India and first published. 13. Kiwi, a fruit popularly Russia as Mount Ararat which other country? used in desserts, is is to what? 26. The Elburz Mountains are one of the main to Iran as the Apennines 33. Which European country even after Hurricane Katrina, and 63 percent couldn't find Iraq, despite the war. The truth is that most of us, adults included, could improve our geographical knowledge. agricultural exports of which is land country are to what? that borders Macedonia has a majority Muslim population? 9. An Asian country with southeast of Australia? 27. The Mekong River is to The questions in our Geo Quiz are similar to those asked in later stages of the National Geograuphic Bee, an annual competition in which 15,000 schools participate. Be warned: It's not easy. An atlas, almanac, encyclopedia, a population of more the South China Sea than a billion has become as the Po River is to what? known as "the world's CULTURES 5. A royal family celebrated factory floor" because or Upfront's Oct. 23, 2006, World Affairs issue wll help with some of the tougher questions. And don't be discouraged. When it comes to geography, half the fun is the exploration it takes to figure things out. (Answers on p. 22.1 the birth of its first of its large, cheap, and 19. Lake Managua is to Nicaragua as Great Slave 28. Tamils make up most male heir in 41 years. For reliable workforce. of the Hindu minority in now, this ends the debate Name this country. Lake is to what? what island country? Che Netw Jork Eimes UPPRONT UPFRONTMAGAZINE.COM DECEMBER 11, 2006 13 12

Geo Quiz

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