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The Future of Education

The Education of Tomorrow Presented by lenovo HALF 8% Computer Ownership and Internet Access of American households had a computer at home in 1984 of all Americans now own either a tablet or an e-reader today 79% of American households have a computer today 58% 18%7 7 75% 3x of American of American as many college students matriculated with a tablet of Americans own households had households have a smartphone today Internet access at Internet access at in 2012 as did in 2011. home in 1997 home today Online Education is Prevalent and Free Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS) connect students to classrooms in institutions YALE around the world. MIT EDX MOOC HARVARD COURSERA Yale, MIT, Harvard, and many other prestigious universities offer MOOCS. Course offerings from edX and Coursera connect people with a computer and an Internet connection Free gamification education apps like Duolingo and Memrise make SMART Boards, videos, and other emerging technologies allow teachers to make to hundreds of MOOcs for free. 00 learning on-the-go fun and easy with their lectures more interactive for both tablets and local and remote smartphones. students. Students are excited about the opportunities that new technologies present 90% 63 % 6l10 :: of college students and high school seniors see tablets as valuable of college students and high school seniors believe tablets will transform the way college students learn in the future college students prefer digital formats when reading books inside or outside of educational tools class But does it work Independent seat work improved from 65% 22% Student A study by the International Society for Technology in Education showed improved learning where students had regular access to technology engagement improved from 29% 72% 8th grade proficiency improved from An April 2014 study in the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education studied four groups of post-secondary students. 29% Aa 41% One group of students was hard of hearing One group of students had One group was full of English language One group did not have an learning identified disabilities learners disability WHAT'S All four groups showed significant retention of content when students used tablet computer-based notes With all of these tools emerging so quickly, it's easy to think that the future NEXT? is already here, but more exciting opportunities await. Augmented reality will offer fun and exciting O$ curricula Degrees may mean less to employers in the future, instead putting a premium on proven knowledge The credibility of MOOCS is expected to grow, offering easier access to higher education for free Integrated touchscreens on each student's desk will allow students to access supplementary content during lectures, keeping students on task, even if they're distracted Touchscreens also give teachers the opportunity to pose impromptu quiz or survey questions with immediate results, encouraging all types of learners to contribute to class Individual tablets will make the student experience more engaging, providing gamified homework lessons that bring course material to life discussions With these advances in technology increasing and access to education more widespread, some substantial changes to technology are expected Physical classrooms will include more technology like computers or tablets at every desk MOOC The proliferation of MOOCS will make higher education more accessible and credible The ways teachers teach and the ways students learn will change and adapt as new technologies develop Popular new curricula offer a number of ways to effectively employ technology in education, preparing students to be productive members of the global workforce Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, Pew Research Center, Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Pearson Foundation, International Society for Technology in Education

The Future of Education

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What the education of the future will look like -- online classes, tablets, etc.


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