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French Reflexive Verbs

FRENCH GRAMMAR RULES: REFLEXIVE VERBS REFLEXIVE VERBS Taking an action towards ourselves THE CHART VERBS COMMONLY USED REFLEXIVELY јe me tu te se laver to wash (oneself) il/elle/on se se coucher se réveiller to go to bed nous nous to wake up vous vous s'assoeir to sit (down) ils/elles se SOME VERBS AREN'T ALWAYS REFLEXIVE Je regarde un film. I am watching a film. •....•• Je me regarde dans le mirroir I am looking at myself in the mirror. TIP:. The presence of "myself" in the English translation of the second sentence is a big cue to use the reflexive form of the verb in French. TRY SOME EXAMPLES 1. Je. (se brosser) les dents le matin. 2. La fille . (se coiffer) avant de manger le petit déjeuner. 3. Nous. (se lever) à 7h30 du matin. 4. Tu. (se réveiller) avant nous. 5. Vous (se coucher) à 22h du soir. CHECK YOUR ANSWERS 1. me brosse 2. se coiffe 3. nous levons 4. te réveilles 5. Vous couchez t0 takelessons

French Reflexive Verbs

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Reflexive verbs are treated a little differently in French, learn how to use them here!


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