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Foreigners in China

FOREIG NERS IN CHINA CHINA Is there really an expat exodus? According to a 2012 census, Mainland China has. |2012 633,000 FOREIGNERS living on the mainland, which is up from 525,000 in 2010. TTT These 633,000 foreigners match the approximate population of Ordos, one of China's most infamous "ghost towns". So basically, there are just enough foreigners in China to make a. SINGLE CHINESE GHOST TOWN But many of these foreigners aren't the blue eyed foreign teachers that might come to mind. In fact, 41% of foreigners in China come from other countries in Asia. 120,750 The top three 66,159 71,439 home countries of foreigners in China are the Republic of Korea, the United States and Japan. II I IIII II I I I II II I II II MALE FEMALE 56.62% 43.38% AND MOST OF CHINA'S EXPATS ARE MEN- the expat male to female sex ratio of 56.62% males to 43.38% females is even more skewed than China's own famously unbalanced sex ratio of 51.9% male to 48.1% female. MALE FEMALE 51.9% 48.1% The preferred destination of foreigners in China is SHANGHAI, whose expat population has grown every year since 2000 to its current number of 210,000 FOREIGNERS, representing about 1% of the total population. In late 2012 and early 2013, THREE ARTICLES- YOU'LL NEVER BE CHINESE: WHY I'M Mark Kitto's "You'll Never Be Chinese: Why I'm LEAVING THE COUNTRY I LOVED Mark Kitto Leaving the Country I Loved", Charlie Custer's WHY I'M LEAVING CHINA "Why I'm Leaving China", and Marc van der Chijs' Charlie Custer "Why I'm Leaving China"- attracted 428 WHY I'M LEAVING CHINA Marc van der Chijs Еxpat Exodus?? comments, links from 394 different domains, and sparked talk of an "EXPAT EXODUS". 5.18% Sc has the Expat Exodus come to be? Not exactly. According to the Chinese Domestic LAST YEAR THIS YEAR Tourist Department, the total number of foreigners coming to China for business and tourism dropped 5.18% this year compared to last year. And The American Chamber of Commerce reports that 48% of its members reported that their organization had "experienced... difficulties in recruiting or retaining senior executives to work in China because of AIR QUALITY ISSUES." This was up from the 34% who replied yes in 2013 and the 19% who replied yes in 2008. BESIDES THAT? No other recent data that we could find. It appears that the much-heralded Expat Exodus has so far consisted of a slight dip in tourism, increased difficulty in attracting very senior executives to China, and a whole bunch of media attention. SOURCES Smart ntern 1. the_People's Republic_of China 2. 3. 4. CHINA AINTERNSHIPS's_Republic_of_China 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Foreigners in China

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Explain about the foreigners in China, in number of population, characteristics and many others


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