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First Class Dissertation Infographic

IVORY RESEARCH PRESENTS. HOW TO TRANSFORM YOUR DISSERTATION FROM A 2:1 INTO A IST EVER WONDERED WHAT IS REQURED TO TURN A 2:1 NTO A IST? 4 This infographic gives you a bitesize breakdown on what you need to do to make your dissertation that little bit better... GRADES ACHIEVED BY STUDENTS IN 2011/12 2:1 IST VS 46% 16% TITLE 2:1 IST Good interesting title Original and innovative title Relatively new area of study or updated research on established topic V New and creative topic of study V Precisely written ABSTRACT 2:1 IST Good synopsis of dissertation that V Precise and succinct synopsis of the dissertation. Identifies how the research summarises each part effectively. States the results of the study and the outcome of the research and outcomes affect the area of study Uses key terms SUBJECT WITH MOST FIRSTS: INTRODUCTION MATHS 2:1 IST V Clearly written introduction although possibly lacking in V Focused and detailed introduction which detail thoroughly explains the topic and introduces the V Some reasoning provided for area of research, although possibly not strong research Justified reasons for area of reasoning research V Research topic is new and/or innovative - very little research has been done in this area before AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 2:1 IST V Some justification is V Comprehensive, persuasive and justified rationale for provided for aims however may not be fully justified or explained in clear detail aims V Aims and objectives are complex and interesting Aims and objectives are clearly stated though not as complex LITERATURE REVEW 2:1 IST Sound knowledge - a good Comprehensive knowledge - the literature review covers amount of literature is a wide span of literature and is very up to date reviewed possibly some old sources and some newer V Full critical review of literature going into detail V A coherent and fully justified conceptual framework to underpin research is developed Some critical review is given but not in great depth V A clear, appropriate and justified conceptual framework to base the research upon is developed V It can be seen that the Literature review provides clear links that directly relate literature review covers the same topic as the aims and to aims and objectives objectives but it is not made perfectly clear how they link METHODOLOGY 2:1 alb 1ST V A relevant and appropriate methodology is used, though likely to be standard V A very innovative and creative investigative methodology is used methods V Full knowledge and awareness of all possibilities Some understanding of possibilities & limitations is shown & limitations of methods are clear V Implementation of data V Research methods are explicitly laid out and clearly justified collection methods appropriate and relevant V Research methods are explained but not fully justified V Implementation of data collection methods are highly appropriate and relevant V Exceptional data collection efforts made ANALYSIS OF FINDINGS 2:1 IST V Generates a complex V A good analysis is provided though it may not be in analysis based on findings extensive detail Uses a range of data to V A standard and expected analysis of the findings is presented in a clear way create interesting and varied analysis, including findings outside and above research aims Evidence of the validity and reliability of findings present V Very good and critical appraisal of issues arising from findings V Extensive evidence of the validity and reliability of findings V Exceptional and critical appraisal of issues arising from findings V Ability to perceive new data and relationships SUBJECT WITH LEAST FIRSTS: LAW CONCLUSION 2:1 IST The conclusion leads on V The conclusion is written from the analysis and may repeat findings and provide logical conclusions based on research evidence clearly and concisely, it is well rounded and refers back to aims, objectives and findings of research, bringing the whole dissertation together V Conclusion forms incisive judgement showing independent thought RECOMMENDATIONS 2:1 IST V Appropriate V Thoughtful recommendations are recommendations that provided which cover the same topic and may relate relate directly to the research and provide insightful further reading to conclusions V Insightful critique of Some critique of recommendations may be recommendations is present provided REFLECTIONS / LIMITATIONS 2:1 IST Ability to state reflections / limitations and defend them V Ability to state reflections / limitations and defend them though on more generic with individual flair and basis imagination V. APPENDICES 2:1 IST V Appendices include all V All relevant figures, tables relevant information and data sets are included including figures, tables and data sets extensively in the appendices. V Appendices are correctly and efficiently labelled and are easy to navigate BIBLIOGRAPHY / REFERENCES AND CITATIONS 2:7 1ST A good number of sources are used, though they will be V A variety of course material is used including unknown standard material from and new material. The writer will have gone outside of the recommended reading lists course textbooks / recommended reading Citations and references V almost always given in appropriate style V Citations and references consistently given in appropriate INFOGRAPHIC BY RocketMill

First Class Dissertation Infographic

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