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Facts About Mars

MARS THE RED PLANET Fe,0, 4th 2 3 The planet is fourth from the Şun with a The famous red-orange colour is thaħks to distance of Iron(III) Oxide (more commonly known as rust) in the atmosphere. 230,000,000km: INNER PLANET Mars is part of a group of-terrestial (or rocky) planets that orbit closer to the Sun. Other include Venus, Mercury and Earth. Named after the Roman God of War! bers Observations of Mars were first recorded by Egyptian Astronomers. in 2nd Milleniuṁ BCE. Mars is host to many spacecraft both in orbit and on surface. Pictured here is the Curiousity, a NASA rover launched in,2011. 37% That's the force of gravity on Mars compared to Earth. FEATURES ON MARS MONS VALLEYS THE NIGHT ICE OF CAPS MARINER POLAR LABYRINTH Tallest 4200km Maze 11 metres in length. Slightly longer than the North American of canyons, troughs and pits. : "How far the planet would be submerged if the entire ice caps volcano in'òur Solar System . Continent! melted. NORTHERN POLAR REGION NORTHERN POLAR REGION PLANİTIA HELLAS OLYMPUS MONS MARINER VALLEYS HELLAS BASIN Largest visible impaçct SOUTHERN POLAR REGION SOUTHERN POLAR REGION crater in our Solar System. Brought to You By PTICS CENTRAL Australia's Optics Superstore REFÊRENCES, http://en.wikipedia.erg/

Facts About Mars

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Awesome Facts About Mars! Following our popular infographic "Awesome Facts About Jupiter!", here's another one about Mars. Brought to you by Optics Central - Australia's fa...




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