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An Evolutionary Look at Tech in the Classroom

DIGITAL NATIVES: AN EVOLUTIONARY LOOK at TECH IN THE CLASSROOM Generation Z, also referred to as Digital Natives, represents the first demographic of students to grow up in a hyper-connected & tech-savvy classroom. Starting at 2005 and ending in 2025, this graphic will explore how tech implementations change the classroom landscape in a 20 year period. - TECH IN EARLY 2000s: THE PATH TO CONNECTIVITY ▪- You 3 Tube Digital curriculum & technology funding: $794,498,000 COMMON TECHNOLOGY FOUND IN THE CLASSROOM: 1 Interactive Whiteboards 2 Overhead Projectors 3 YouTube 4 Internet 5 Clickers - TECH IN 2015: THE FUTURE STARTS NOW ▪ Digital curriculum & technology funding: $11,800,000,000 COMMON TECHNOLOGY FOUND IN THE CLASSROOM: 1 SMART Boards 2 Desktops Tablets/E-readers 4 Laptops/Netbooks 6 Smart Phones Digital Courses 7 Educational Apps 8 Digital Projectors Curriculum management software IN 2014, NEARLY $3 BILLION IN TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION COMMITMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE FROM FEDERAL AND PRIVATE ORGANIZATIONS. $2 BILLION I Federal Communications .... Commision $750 MILLION I Private Companies I Apple -.. $100 MILLION $100 MILLION I AT&T మ్ www $2 Billion in high-speed broadband internet $100 Million in iPads & $100 Million in free internet connectivity for 3 years (middle schools) other edu resources access for 15,000 schools Sprint Verizon 4 years free wireless for low-income high school students $1 Million in professional tech development for teachers TODAY'S TECH USE 2,300 American students in grades 4-12 (ages 8-18) polled about their use of digital technologies for educational purposes. 1 71% - laptops 1 66% - desktops I 50% - smart phones 23% - small tablets 1 21% - full size tablets I 16% - basic e-readers I 10% - netbooks I 1% - don't use digital technology TECH SPOTLIGHT The K-12 digital curriculum spend in the U.S. is rising steeply with the progression of tablet computers. Among students who use a tablet for school work, 52% are personally owned and 28% share the device with their family. This means that 80% of the students who use tablets for school are using their own and not the schools'. 92% 90% 82% of students agree that tablets will change the way students learn in the future said that tablets made said tablets helped them learning more fun do better in class - TECH IN THE CLASSROOM: THE RESULTS ▪ The implementation of tech in the classroom is giving educators the opportunity to provide customized learning experiences to meet the needs of individual students. 78% 65% of K-12 teachers & administrators of educators believe students are believe tech has positively impacted the classroom and productivity of students more productive today compared to the previous 3 years - TECH IN 2025: A DIGITAL CLASSROOM - Monday 2:30 PM / B Class COMMON TECHNOLOGY FOUND IN THE CLASSROOM: 1 Virtual classrooms & field trips 2 Fully digital classrooms 3 Standardized online testing 4 Personalized learning software 5 Global classroom: learning material & content available and shared on a global scale SUNGARD' K-12 EDUCATION Sources:,,,,,,

An Evolutionary Look at Tech in the Classroom

shared by anumyoon on Jun 19
Take a look at what the modern day classroom looks like and get a glimpse at what the classroom of tomorrow will bring.


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