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The Evolution of School Supplies

1822 foday 2012 circa the erolution of school supplies 000 123 456.789 INFOGRAPHIC MECHANICAL PENCILS 1822 Mechanical Pencils were patented under the name "propelling pencil". 1879 Along with a push-button lead extractor, the mechanical pencil became the most common type of pencil to-date. Lunch Boxes 1935 The lunchbox was launched, made from metal but did not become popular until 1950 when released featuring Hopalong Cassidy, the popular TV and radio cowboy. Between 1950 and 1970, around 120 million metal lunch boxes were sold ADY featuring cartoon characters, Star Wars scenes, and various musicians. 1972 Switched to plastic after the state of Florida banned all metal lunch boxes, claiming they could be used as weapons. TH FENTTONES 2012 Soft, fabric lunch boxes are most popular. Some include a thermal layer to keep food cold or warm. Bighe nd Vivid Celare Crayola 1903 CRAYONS CRAYOLA Aruferad ty Tuachern BRILLIANT First non-toxic, waxy pigments released under the Crayola brand. There were just 8 colours. COLORS 10C RAYÖN 2012 Now over 150 shades, including glittery and metallic versions. THEN NOW Biggest competitor includes Rose Art Industries. There are also numerous generic or store brand crayons. GLUE 4||| BC Clay pots have been found repaired with glue made from tree sap. 1750 First glue patent was issued in Britain. The glue was made from fish. 1947 Elmer's Glue-All released by dairy company "Borden". The glue was packaged in glass bottles with "ice cream pop" type wooden sticks attached with a rubber band. Shortly thereafter, the glue was repositioned under the name "Elmer's Glue-All" after Elmer, the spouse of Borden's famed corporate symbol, Elsie the cow. ELMER'S School Glue Sete. NeT Pritt 1969 German company "Henkel" invented the glue stick after studying the convenience of lipstick applicators. It was known as the "Pritt Stick" stick 2012 In addition to white glue, clear glue, and glue sticks, glitter glue has become a staple supply both for crafts and school projects. CALCULATORS COMPTOMETER 2700- 2300 BC The abacus, consisting of a bead frame was used to teach the numeral system and arithmetic. It represented numbers up to 100. 1887 Known as the comptometer, the first machine with columns of keys was introduced. ANITA - FIRST CALCULATOR 1961 The first electronic calculator was created. 1978 Pocket-sized calculators finally became a price that was affordable, making them popular in schools. Calculators represented 41% of the world's general-purpose hardware capacity to compute information. By 2007 this had dropped to less than 0.05% F88888888 1986 41% .05% 4158 INFORMATION INFORMATION O 00 O 2012 Calculators are built into most mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Scientific calculators can even be accessed online for a small fee. Refernces: redleaf loans.cá Pritt

The Evolution of School Supplies

shared by redleafloans on Sep 04
School has been around since roughly 425 AD. Ever wonder what back-to-school spending was like back then?


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