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The Evolution of Higher Education

THE EVOLUTION OF HIGHER EDUCATION 3500 B.C. In ancient civilizations, only Education was the wealthy families were able to provide an education for their children. Girls were often not allowed to attend school. During this period, various writing systems were developed such as Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Greek alphabet, and the Latin alphabet." 1563-1908 1985 2006 2009 Over 3.5 million US students were participating pledged $500 million for in on-line higher education online courses & IGNOU was established, President Obama responsibility of parents. Some presently the largest religious institutions offered education to the less fortunate. It wasn't until 1870 that the state took responsibility for education in England. The United States finally adopted the formal public school system in the 19th century. university in the world with over 3.5 million students. Founded to impart education by means of distance and open education. materials. 2009 An estimated 44% of 2007 Over 20% of all U.S. higher education students were taking at least one online course. post-secondary students in the US were taking some or all of their 1989 courses online.* The first online university was launched, offering bachelor's and master's degrees. 1858 1066-1485 Middle Ages Education was still costly, but priests and nuns often taught the poor. Learning took place in monasteries and cathedrals. Universities The first university to offer distance learning degrees: The University of London's External Programme. 2003 WebCT announced over 6 million students and 40,000 instructors teaching 150,000 2008 The 12.9% growth rate for online enrollments far exceeded the 1.2% growth of the overall higher education student population. 2009 96% of traditional universities offered some kind of online coursework. 1960s 2014 Stanford University implemented a computer system that allowed students and teachers to communicate courses per year at with each other with instructions and notes. Projected that 81% of post-secondary students in the US will be taking some or all of their courses online. * became more common in major cities and led to major advancements in art, sculpture, music and architecture. 1,350 institutions in 55 countries. *Ambient Insight Research (2009) US Self-paced e-Learning Market Monroe WA: Ambient Insight Research 12-14% 0l% Increase of enrollments for fully online learning between 2004-2009 1/2 of institutions report that the economic downturn has increased demand for face-to-face courses and programs. |21% 2% of institutions report that 34 growth in overall higher education student population growth rate for online the economic downturn has increased demand for online courses and enrollments programs. = 10,000 number of students during the 5.6 Million estimated number of increased students 1 Million Fall semester of 2009 that taking online courses the Fall Semester of 2009 over the previous year. were taking online courses.

The Evolution of Higher Education

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Technology has changed everything, including education. This infographic provides a timeline for higher education and shows how online learning has changed the face of education forever.


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