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Everything You Need to Know About Packaging Symbols

Everything You Need to Know About Packaging Symbols Handle With Care This sign showing two hands holding a packaging box indicates that the goods which are packed inside should handled with care. Breakable / Fragile The broken wine glass sign indicates that the mate- rial packed inside is fragile and can easily be dam- aged if it is dropped or handled carelessly. British Kite Mark Any product or packaging material which contains this symbol confirms that it is a standard product. The use of this symbol signifies the fact that it has been tested by BSI and its standard and quality meet the requirements of BSI. Any vendor using this symbol pays for this service and their product is tested at regular interval of time. Universal Recycling Symbol It is a universal recognized symbol used for recy- clable materials. CE Marking New products which needs to be introduced in the CE European market must be legally approved before they can be sold. Therefore products containing this symbol indicates that the product is legally ap- proved by BSI for sale in European countries Trade Mark This symbol is used for indicating that the preced- ing symbol is trademark. Any one can use this TM symbol with their product. However using this symbol does not mean that the trademark used with the product is registered. Registered Trademark This symbol confirms that the preceding symbol used is a trade mark product or service and the trade mark has been registered with the national trade mark office. European Weight The estimated sign (e) is a mark that sometimes can be found on prepackages in Europe. The e-mark in- dicates that the prepackages are filled according to a European directive. European Euro Label European Euro Label is a voluntary scheme which was established in 1992. It was introduced to en- courage the marketers to market products and services which are friendly to the environment. Any product which uses this product confirms the fact that it is environment friendly. Brought to you by: GLOBE PACKAGING

Everything You Need to Know About Packaging Symbols

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You see these symbols on almost every packaging product. Packaging symbols have become a vital part of product identity. Go through this infographic, created by Globe Packaging, and get to know about ...


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