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The Ever Growing UK Classroom

innova education As the UK population continues to grow, the Department for Education anticipates that the number of students attending secondary schools will increase by 20% by 2024 - creating a huge demand for new classrooms. THE EVER-GROWING UK Classroom POPULATION GROWTH Naturally as the population grows, so will the number of school-age children. The UK population has grown significantly over the past 100 years, and will continue to do so in the future. 42 MILLION IN 1911 63 MILLION IN 2011 The UK population has grown from 42 million to 63 million between 1911 and 2011 324,000 EVERY YEAR Between 2001 and 2011, the population of the UK grew by an average of 324,000 every year The UK population is now growing faster than at any point over the past 100 years There are currently 722,000 annual births in the UK As of 2014, there are 64,596,800 people living in the UK There is a relatively even split between birth and migration, contributing to the growing population. This number is expected to grow to 70 million by mid-2027 INCREASED SCHOOL-AGE POPULATION 3,670,000 children aged 10-14 3,997,000 children aged 15-19 years The census can help schools and authorities gauge how many schools places will be required now and in the future. This equates to 7,500,000 children of secondary school age in the UK The 2011 census highlighted there were 7,500,000 children aged 0-9 - meaning a similar number of secondary school places will be needed in the next decade. However, this is yet to factor in migration. There are currently more than 11 million secondary school age children in the UK There are slightly more male students than 5.6 MILLION boys female - 5.6 million to 5.4 million Secondary school age children make up more than 1/6 of the population 5.4 MILLION girls LARGER CLASSROOMS UK classrooms are amongst the largest in the developed world, with a large number of students learning together. The average class size in the UK is The worldwide With 38 students average class size is 21 students per class, China has the largest 25 students average classroom size State schools and private schools have distinctly different average The average state secondary school classroom size is 21 students Average private classrooms contain only classroom sizes. 18 students An extra Independent researchers believe there may be 20% more secondary school students by 2024, this would impact the average classroom size. 20% Secondary Students Average classrooms of 30 students SUPER-SIZE SECONDARY SCHOOLS Naturally the anticipated increase in student numbers and classroom sizes has led to a demand for additional school places. One way of accommodating school places is through the proposed super-size secondary schools. Super-size secondary schools will have 2,000-plus students Walton High is the largest planned secondary school with capacity for 3,000 students 吧 间 At least 17 councils propose to implement super-size secondary schools The super-size schools will average 13-16 forms per year MORE SCHOOLS Implementing super-size schools is one solution, which some areas of the country cannot justify, therefore more schools maybe required throughout the UK to provide sufficient places. As of 2014 there were 24,347 schools in the UK Of these, 3,268 were state-funded In March 2015, the Government promised an additional 500 free schools by 2020 secondary schools teock These additional schools would provide an extra 270,000 places It is vital that all additional school places are developed to give all students the chance to benefit from an excellent education. Innova Design Solutions specialise in designing, manufacturing and installing cutting-edge classrooms that bring out the best in students and ease classroom management for teachers. 0161 477 5300 inNova education Sources: npp-principal-and-key-variants.html veloped-world.html %99-schools-planned 但 包 但 包 但 包 但 包 但 包包 但 但 包包 包 翻

The Ever Growing UK Classroom

shared by SamReeves on Jan 18
This infographic shows the growing number of the UK population and how the number of students attending secondary school is going to increase by 20% by 2024.


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